Wil Lutz, the hero of the Saints' season-op

ening win over the Texans on Monday night, doesn't know what his father was thinking when his nickname was decided. The kicker's full name is William with two Ls, but he goes by Wil, inexplicably with one L.

Former NFL punter Pat McAfee, who hosts a new daily show on DAZN (10 a.m. ET-noon), was curious about the origin of Lutz's unique nickname. At the end of his interview with the New Orleans kicker Tuesday, McAfee asked for clarification: It's just Wil with one L?

"Yeah, just one L. We gave an L to Houston," Lutz said.

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After several seconds of laughter on both sides of the phone line, McAfee called it "a savage line," accurately adding that Lutz "deserves 24 hours of savagery after what (he) did last night."

What Lutz did Monday night was boot a 58-yard field goal as time expired to beat the Texans. The kick ripped the heart out of a Houston team that thought it had won the game when it scored a touchdown to give itself a one-point lead with 37 seconds remaining.

New Orleans needed just five plays, including two spikes, to get into Lutz's range for the game-winner.

At which point Lutz, in his words, gave the Texans an L.

Well played, Wil.