Andrew Luck stunned the NFL world when he announced his retirement at age 29 on Saturday.

As the news broke, well wishes poured in from around the league, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones took things to another level as he outlined the former Colts quarterback's bright future.

"I hope he becomes President of the United States," Jones said, via USA Today. "To play football and everything that’s involved in playing this game, you’ve got to have your mind and heart not only committed to completely buying into, completely doing it, but you’ve got to almost be over-committed to doing it because you get so many no's. You get so many no's. Everybody does that plays this game. No's are everywhere.

"So to step back away from this thing, I honor him. I think a lot of his family, I think a lot of his father, I think a lot of what he’s brought to football and wish him nothing but the very best."

Fellow quarterback Dak Prescott echoed Jones' praise, saying he respects Luck "so much" and admires his decision to go with his gut in deciding to prioritize his health.

"I mean, hell of a player. Hell of a player and hell of a guy the little bit I know of him," Prescott said. "Being able to talk to him a little bit before a game and share little things. Respect him so so much on the field, off the field. It’s his decision. Everyone’s entitled to that. I don’t think it’s fair for any of us to make any opinions on what he has going on.

"Just know he was one of my favorite players to watch around

the league and learn little things from, so I hate to see a great player like that leave the game, but like I said, don’t know the details, don’t want to speak on that. I’m not entitled to an opinion on that."

Cowboys cornerbacks Chidobe Awuzie and Byron Jones also took to Twitter to show their support for Luck after he was booed Saturday following the Colts' preseason loss to the Bears.

Meanwhile, Colts owner Jim Irsay left the door open for Luck's return.

"It's possible, but no one knows and he would be the first to say it. Only time will tell," Irsay said.