Redskins quarterback Alex Smith has reportedly been dealing with complications following his surgery to repair a broken fibula and tibia.

Reports initially came in Wednesday night from Burgundy Blog saying Smith was "still in hospital with [a] post-op infection. Will likely require re-intervention, [including] possibly 'partial reconstruction.'" More reports came in Thursday morning and afternoon, but some of them have been contradictory.

Here's what we know about the status of Smith's injury, based on the reports we've seen.

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What is the latest on Alex Smith's injury?

Smith remains in the hospital as he's dealing with an infection related to the surgery for his broken bones. 

Doctors reportedly knew the chance for an infection was high, which was why they underwent surgery the same night Smith suffered the injury. Smith's bone poked through the skin, which leads to a higher chance of infection.

Is Alex Smith's career over?

This narrative came from an ESPN report as well as a report from a radio personality in Washington.

Nothing is official as of yet, though. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport said "it’s premature to say what this means for his playing future" at the moment. Several other reporters have echoed the same sentiment, and former Chargers team doctor David J. Chao explained why in a column for the San Diego Tribune:

So while the recent news is certainly not positive, just because there is an infection and multiple surgeries does not mean Smith’s career is done. Medical advances are such that Smith will be cured from the infection and the bone will be healed. It is a matter of when on both counts.

... If we hear of a free flap surgery or other graft procedure that is needed to cover the bone because of loss of tissue, that would potentially put his career in jeopardy. But we are not there yet based on what we know.

Essentially, the latest update isn't good and Smith has been in the hospital longer than expected, but there's no concrete evidence pointing to this being the end for him.

What are the Redskins saying about it?

Not much. 

The team released a statement earlier in the day when reports were coming out about the latest update, which mostly shared thoughts from what the Smith family had asked.

"On behalf of Alex Smith, we appreciate all of the concerns and prayers over the injury he incurred on November 18th against the Houston Texans. Although this is a serious injury, Alex and his family remain strong. We would ask that everyone please honor the Smith family's request for privacy at this time."

Coach Jay Gruden had a similar message during his time with the media Thursday.

"I think the statement says it all. I was asked by Alex, his wife, his dad, his mom, not to really go into any detail on this process," he said. "[They] asked to respect their privacy. That's what I’m going to do. I think when the time is right Alex will address the media and we'€™ll go from there."

What's the latest update?

After the flurry of news on Dec. 6, we didn't hear many updates rega

rding Smith until Dec. 9 when NFL Network reported the QB was still in the hospital, and is unlikely to be ready by the start of the 2019 season.

"No one has been able to definitively say he is going to play football going forward," Rapoport reported. "The reality is, Smith is unlikely to be ready to start the 2019 season."

Rapoport also said doctors need to remove the plates and screws in order to help with that infection. Chao explains why that's a worrisome update. 

"At this point, the start of ’19 is in jeopardy, as the bone healing clock likely won’t start until a minimum of six weeks from now, adding to the original 6-9 month recovery timeline," Chao writes.

Also, as Chao notes, patients with this surgery and typically released from the hospital within two days after the procedure. It's now been three weeks since the surgery, and Smith still hasn't left the hopsital.