investigating Red Sox over international signings, report says

Baseball The Red Sox are the subject of a Major League Baseball investigation into their 2015 international signings that focuses on whether the team tried to circumvent bonus

-pool rules, Baseball America reported Wednesday.The report, which cited multiple unidentified international sources, said is investigating whether the Red Sox signed Venezuelan players in so-called “package deals” in which multiple players from the same international program are signed at rates — some above market value, some below — that get around the bonus-pool rules. MORE: Best Cuban players in history | Best Red Sox everAccording to Baseball America,  officials have questioned players as young as 16 individually at the Red Sox's academy in the Dominican Republic and threatened to suspend them if they weren't truthful. The commissioner’s office acknowledged the questioning but said no players were threatened with suspension. The Red Sox were extremely aggressive in Venezuela last year, Baseball America noted, apparently raising suspicions when they signed several players from the same trainers.Despite facing bonus-pool restrictions for exceeding their pool in 2014, the Red Sox were able to sign two of .com's Top 30 international prospects: Venezuelan outfielders Albert Guaimaro and Simon Muzziotti. The Red Sox signed multiple players from Guaimaro's and Muzziotti's programs the year before.According to one Baseball America source, the Red Sox are the only team under investigation for doing package deals though it is characterized as a common practice.

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