Yankees discontinuing print-at-home tickets for 2016 season

Baseball Major changes are coming for major league fans looking to purchase Yankees tickets for the upcoming season.Beginning April 4 on opening day against the Astros, fans will no longer be able to use print-at-home tickets to be admitted into Yankee Stadium. The team made the announcement on Tuesday, saying the new policy is intended to protect fans against fraud. MORE: Every team's greatest catcher everAs the Yankees are continuously striving to implement technological advances to provide our fans with a ticketing experience that is unparalleled, convenient, safe and secure, the Yankees are excited to announce, as a complement to traditional hard stock paper tickets, the availability of mobile ticketing for the 2016 baseball season. Print-at-home paper tickets (PDFs) are being discontinued so as to further combat fraud and counterfeiting of tickets associated with print-at-home paper tickets (PDFs). In addition to traditional hard stock paper tickets, th

e Yankees will be offering the opportunity for fans to receive mobile tickets on a fan's Smartphone.Gone are the days of fans purchasing cheap last-minute tickets on StubHub and printing them just before heading to the stadium in the Bronx. Going forward, fans will need either hard-stock tickets or a mobile bar code to attend games at Yankee Stadium.Individual tickets are scheduled to go on sale online at 10 a.m. ET on Feb. 22.

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