Stannum installs a person Vs of Si Hu of battle Zhan Mu battle array of pelican head hair is at war record data analysis

Stannum installs a person Vs of Si Hu of battle Zhan Mu battle array of pelican head hair is at war record data analysis

Stannum is installed with Zhan Huang, two an unusually lucky person! Lake person advocate meet pelican head-on, how is stannum opposite career first definitely Zhanmusi, who can lead Zhanmusi and engage in a battle of Xi Anzheng side group get victory?

Group of person of los angeles lake (43 get the better of 12 negative) already took 5 Lian Sheng, their 26 day general assume personal command advocate meet team of new orleans pelican head-on (25 get the better of 32 negative) . Le Bulang and Davis should continue regnant force, they need to get teammate people support, lake person group should maintain strong impact 6 Lian Sheng. Pelican team already was taken 2 Lian Sheng, stannum brings status beautiful, he, Ingram and Huoledi should have outstanding show, they strive guest field is thrown western leading sheep. (Beijing time on Feburary 26 at 11 o'clock Sitaipusi direct seeding of central TNT TV station)

Lake person group advocate in the win by a narrow margin in strong strong dialog Kaierte person group, they are taken 5 Lian Sheng, continue to consolidate western leading sheep position. At present lake person group is in western banner the team that dig gold 5 balls, group of person of the lake in odd leg advocate be in the majority, maintain what they should do namely get the better of situation will consolidate get run row, they should throw pelican team to pound 6 Lian Sheng.

Le Bulang is in with Kaierte one battle gets person group 8 29 cent, backboard and 9 secondary attack, the 4th the moment of truth was cast write down ball of get the upper hand of, he should continue to develop chief effect to drive team. Le Bulang installs first time and stannum attendant and photogenic encounter, this meeting becomes the one big hotspot of the match, le Bulang should show his regnant strength before posterity. Field of Le Bulang sports season all 7.7 25.2 cent, backboard and 10 secondary attack, he should continue to drive team with overall performance.

Davis is special to Zhen Kai Er cent and 13 32 bank are taken when person group, he gives team not little help in planted agent. When encountering with old boss, davis should continue regnant force, must want to bring to bear on to adversary in planted agent greater pressure. As sports season undertake, lake person group lets Davis appear morely in 5, this means him to may be faced haler defend, he should strive for the performance with have better.

To lake person group, eyebrow of only support Zhan is insufficient, t

hey need to more player can bring a help, want to be Zhan eyebrow decompression. Kucima is in with Kaierte one battle behaves person group pretty good, he should hold good position hard, want to continue to produce effect in aggression end. One Morris' arrival is pair of lake person groups fills strong, he also can make a very good choice when team takes small lineup, especially Morris can let Kucima hit 3, this meeting enhances the aggression actual strength of team further. Molisiben hits the target 3 minutes of sports season rate 39.7% it is career optimal, if he can bring steady fire support in exterior line, zhan Mei's pressure can be reduced further.

The person such as Buladeli, Glyn, Pope should be in attack and defence two end bring a help, they also should maintain exterior line feel hard, bring 3 minutes of fire support to team. Bright should be in with Kalusuo more accuse to defend the position to be team help sb to get over a difficulty, wheat radical wants suddenly Hua Dehe to give Davis the help in planted agent.

Pelican team is in 3 in connecting a passenger, before them two get the better of trailblazer team and Trojan team repeatedly, they want city of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of be a guest hard to keep strong, strive to throw western leading sheep. Team of the 2 pelican after Lian Sheng has raised to western the 10th, they are apart from the 8th grey ursine team to need 3 balls only. Be in considering pelican team rise period, stannum installs reappearing is to give them injection of infuse potion strong heart more, their hopeful makes contention western a dark horse that the chair surpasses after season.

Stannum installs sports season field to all be mixed 22.8 minutes 7.2 backboard, he has notched 8 times continuously 20+ . With engage in a battle of lake person group when, how should stannum keep aggressive, must want attendant go up to make more trouble to lake person group. If Xi Anneng has better aggression to behave, the hope winning a ball of pelican team also can increase.

Ingram, Huoledi is pelican team additionally two charge that have menace are nodded. Flower case plays field of Mu sports season all 24.5 minutes, do not cross what stannum installs to reappear to bring certain influence to him, city of regain the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, ingram should use outstanding show to old advocate him proof, he should have better play in aggression end. Field of Huo Ledi sports season all is mixed 19.4 minutes 6.8 times secondary attack, on one gets 7 23 cent, backboard and 15 secondary attack, he has very strong individual aggressiveness, the field after he should give lake person the group hard is applied pressure.

Ball is one of aggression engine of team not only, also be to defend the one link with very important system, he should be brought to team hard attack and defence contribution. The Hart on reserve banquet, Lei Di is overcome and n

ot allow in the plum small inspect, hatehui is pounded with his athletic ability old advocate, thunder Dick and Mei Li want to maintain feel outside 3 minutes of lines. Planted agent respect, fei Wosi, Haiyesi should help team guard 3 seconds area hard, they should control good bank.

This sports season is bilateral already fight hand to hand two, lake person group wins victory entirely. On November 28, 2019, lake person group is in guest field with team of pelican of 114-110 win by a narrow margin. On January 4, lake person group is in advocate defeat pelican team with 123-113. Lake person group has gotten the better of pelican team 4 times repeatedly, won 5 6 times recently. Be in advocate, lake person group already won pelican group 3 times repeatedly, last pelican team takes a victory in city of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces still was on October 23, 2017, their be a guest wins victory with 119-112.

Predicting both sides sends first:

Pelican team: Ball, Huoledi, Ingram, stannum is installed, Feiwosi

Lake person group: Le Bulang, Buladeli, Glyn, Davis, wheat radical

Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling

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