Marathon of woman whole journey and man 4 × record of 400 meters of indoor worlds adapts formally

Marathon of woman whole journey and rice of man 4 400 are indoor world record adapts formally

26 days, world cropland couplet is right in

door world record gives the record of world of marathon of woman whole journey that created 2019 and rice of man 4 400 to affirm formally.

On the Chicago marathon that held on October

13, 2019, kenya player Bulijidekesi builds the achievement with 04 seconds to carry off woman group champion, the world record of 25 seconds became fast 81 seconds. On Feburary 9, 2019, in match of a when in the United States Kelaimusen holds indoor track and field, come from the United States to rest Holt and the Latin that Si Duida learns, Yigebokewei, Montgomery with 3 minutes of 01 seconds the achievement of 51 carries off rice of man 4 400, broke be in by polish team 3 minutes of when indoor world created Birmingham in bright and beautiful contest 2018 01 seconds the former world record of 77. (reporter Liu Shuo is in relief)

Original title: Two worlds record is affirmed by Tian Lian record of woman complete horse adapts formally responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling

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