Zhan Huang straps Braun to be judged to be western week is optimal player career was taken 63 times

Zhan Huang straps Braun to be judged to be western week is optimal player career was taken 63 times

Le Bulang - Zhanmusi is judged to be last week western week optimal player, this honor is already poor to him common, took 63 times in him career. Nevertheless, in just crossed 2020 when take this prize, still let him reach an infrequent milestone again.

Le Bulang has been in 3 10 years in (a

cting 2000, took the place of 2010 and took the place of 2020) all has been taken week is optimal. On NBA history, the player that this has accomplished to nod before this has charmer to make an appointment with writing abdicate, Jordan, Carl only - Ma Long, Situokedu, Deng Ken and Jianeite 6 people.

But this must catch up with the record that support of the people of climate favourable geographical position just can achieve, what division of even if resembling compares such effectiveness 20 years is long, also fail to come true. There still are a few active service players to the opportunity reachs this record in alliance at present, include Anthony, Carter, Howard and Kelisi - Paul. Resemble Du Lan spy and Ross with this record just miss the opportunity, because they are taken for the first time week is optimal, be in January 2010.

Strapping Braun to entered alliance 2003 had been an unusually lucky person, he is taken for the first time week is optimal be in November 2004, he has not arrived 20 years old at that time. He takes the player with week of optimal maximum number early namely, yuan Chao crosses the division of the more than 2nd to compare (33) .

Nowadays he already year full 35 years old, but body condition did not glide completely, still maintaining summit summit level, take a

team to pound champion hard, future still also can have more week necessarily optimal awaiting him with milepost.

Original title: Zhan Huang harvests infrequent milepost again: 3Take editor of week of optimal too lucky responsibility 10 years completely: Li Xiaoling

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