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广州夜生活论坛VDSLogin register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be keep within limits will riot on the weekend England add a group alarm is force strengthened patrol origin: ? ?2011-08-14 09:3 of huge rock of discharge  contraction9 Http://www.mnw.cn/

The p

olice that night is on duty in London

According to " central company " report, british police prepares 12 days in a large-scale afflux is street, ensure the people drinks on the weekend make merry won't cause insurrection again. The insurrection of this week ever engulfed London and other town, the distance sponsors an Olympic Games remnant 1 year, this convulsion already allowed British figure damage.

London is met district police station (tile of card of chief inspector of police of Metropolitan Police) deputy assistant slows say, common only deploy 2500 people, 16000 polices are on duty in London nowadays, this is peacetime is the most large-scale alarm force attempers.

In the meantime, police and political circles personage also vexed because of this insurrection.

The mad loot that 4 night come down, arson and violent activity, c

ause 5 people death up to now, british premier blocks Mei Lun to describe this " one hundred percent is criminality " , say at the beginning police response is undeserved.

This character annulus causes police to rebound strongly. British government to reduce public debt, and step of adopted overall practice economy, make police is faced with alarm muscularity cutout is decreased.

There are 1200 much people to be arrested about during insurrection, london a loot person counsel for the defence says, filch of a surname heart after a TV, because remorse sleeps to be not worn, and confess his crime to police.

Dispatch large quantities of alarm force adds fluctuation heavy rain, 11 days of ability did not produce violent incident again. But this one convulsion claims the 5th human life 12 days. At present of bag of 68 years old of men makes 8 days in London Yi the area sees mob set on fire, when the attempt puts out igneous situation, atttack by mob.

The condition of an injury in the night that wrap at present is overweight die in the hospital, become insurrection up to now the 5th dead. Before him, when 3 men protect local merchant in Birmingham, die by car Zhan; Still a man meets with suddenly in Na Lundui's Ke Luoyi pop is deadly.

Mai Falan of high-ranking police officer says London, bao Ci is atttacked by the person " it is a cruel thing, the person that make innocent is indescribable be beaten dead " . Police arrests an experience case man of 22 years old today.

Responsibility edits: Read related Hdwmn_zqy: The children since domestic head rides by the 2017-09-15 that shares case of claim for compensation of bicycle death tort to the Party Central Committee that sessional now 2017-09-15 is core with Comrade Xi Jinping leads and drive fact of Jiang Junxing military discipline weather forecast of the observatory central: South greets another name for Hubei province of Guizhou of stronger rainfall change to have go to Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of recreation of rainstorm 2017-09-18 news greatly Xiamen

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored



Japan " morning sun news " on October 21 article, primary problem: Cross condition big bridge finishing be illogical, join road was not built, because suffer in become cold to affect toward the relation

Of green river of duck of join China and Korea, over or across build big bridge of cross the boundary illegally will at the complete end October. This project is Chinese ex-premier Wen Jiabao visited the cooperative priority discipline that signs when Korea 2009. But, because two countries concern becomes cold, churchyard of together with Korea has not build the road of link bridge, this are accordingly big when does the bridge open on the knees of the gods formally.

Big bridge is located in in the red of the biggest city of face border land east the economic developing zone of city, 2011 start working is built. Big bridge makes an appointment with 3 kilometers endlong, for two-way 4 driveway. Say according to Chinese media, big bridge makes charge by in square burden. Current, the international train that goes there and back between two countries and lorry still are used two-way the old bridge of 2 driveway, the building of new big bridge hopeful increases the tour

ist between two countries and goods come-and-go considerably.

By the bridge of Chinese a side, pensile move writes the billboard that has finishing on October 30 model of written characters. But according to associate with the relevant personage of big bridge says,

korea respect has not fostered cordial relations between states even blacktop even. The chief of big bridge project says: Next summer can be enlightened pretty good.

Chinese respect predicts the price in the future may rise, building residential building and office building by big bridge ceaselessly. But, korea a side is a rural about. The red that occupies hep detail east the personage says: Bankroll of respect of China of Korea government demand in order to build the road of Korea churchyard, but by in just refused. (author stone cropland is agrarian one man, abundant beans interpret)

 Assault of horror of sand spy the eastpart part sends 7 people to die is " Mohammedan country " the organization is

Comprehensive report, u.N. Security Council adopts statement of a chairman with respect to Syrian condition 3 days afternoon local time, condemnation Syria authorities uses a force to civilian.

According to the report, syria appears turn over a government to protest demonstrate had lasted a few months.

Secretary-general of Pan Jiwen of U.

N. Security Council published an address to journalism, to concerning the chairman of Syrian condition statement expresses to welcome, he points out, statement issued a clear message. Pan Jiwen expresses, he the task that fine long hair forthwith executive Security Council asks he has a report with respect to Syrian condition inside 7 days.

Pan Jiwen says: "The world cherishs huge care to watching the situation that Syria worsens ceaselessly, but the thing that produced among several days in the past makes a person bitterly feel astonish. I appeal Asade's president and Syrian authorities stop all rough stuff that are aimed at him people instantly again, respect human rights in the round, implement the reform measure that they had announced. Implement the reform measure that they had announced..

Pan Jiwen appeals Syria abides by the requirement of Security Council, for international humanitarian the orgnaization offers independence and uncrossed channel, with U.N. human rights office of senior assistant director cooperates in the round.

Pan Jiwen emphasizes, all unfair armed strength action must get comprehensive, independence and transparent investigation, the person that has responsibility must be found out.

Pan Jiwen reiterates, syrian civilian reasonable expectation must be passed include of the gender, by Syria the political course of dominant is gotten settlement, fundamental freedom of people must get ensuring.

Security Council statement reiterates Syrian dominion, independence and territorial integrity, emphasize, solve Syria the only way of current crisis is through including of the gender with You Xuli inferior the political course of dominant, the purpose depends on solving reasonable expectation of people and care effectively, allow all people to enjoy fundamental freedom in the round, include opinion on public affairs and peaceful assembly freedom.

Security Council appeals Syria alleviates the humanitarian condition that accepts the crisis to affect an area, allow international humanitarian orgnaization to enter the town that suffers an effect quickly with uncrossed ground, at the same time office of as senior as U.N. human rights assistant director cooperates in the round.

On the other hand, equestrian city is breathed out in Syria, the dweller says governmental army and tank already entered downtown. According to the re

port, syrian government army is mixed in concentrated gunfire emmagee is covering next push forward.

Syrian nation TV station says, army is taking action, clean-out arms occupational the terroristic member of governmental building, restore local order.

Syrian president signs a law to allow this country to execute much party to make

Occupy dispatches from foreign news agency to report, heart of Sa of A of Er of Syrian president Ba Sha signs and issue a law 4 days, allow Syria to implement system of much more clannish politics.

According to the report of Syrian news agency, 4 days, a Sade signed and issue a president to make with respect to system of Syrian political parties and groups, allow each to faction builds a political party and revive with the Arabia that will be in office all the time from 1963 Socialist Party (Baath Party) has same fate to make a function.

Syrian government dispatchs tank suppresses opposition to send 164 people to die

According to Hong Kong " civil report " report, syria turns over tide of governmental put on a show of force to have no suppress evidence, of political power of Er of presidential Ba Sha ironhanded suppress increasingly strong also. Dispatch since governmental army weekday tank, breath out Maji at opposition base camp other area is bloody suppress, the conflict after stepping month of Mohammedan in August abstain from meat lasts, 3 death of at least 164 people is caused since the day. The analysis says, suppress show choice of Ba Sha Er does not put in a road 's charge. U.N. Security Council plans to argue once more condemnation appraise country resolution, the European Union plans to enlarge punish.

Responsibility edits: Hdwmn_ctt

 The girl sits be swung to go out when skyscraping annulus hang half sky to I hope to be pushed in time a seat (graph)

 American president Aobama brushs card to let a wife bury sheet by refuse payment from stupid shit exposing to the sun


 Login register Kenya of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian doubt of aperture of face of one goat senior person because: of origin of be caused by of evil of one man beast? Discharge  ?2013-12-20 08:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] American news website will report on December 17, a far

mer of area of · Meng Basa discovered Buddhist nun of Kenya interest section amazedly recently, young cub is growing the goat that his home just was born aperture of face of a pair of person.

Caption: One goat grows Kenya doubt of person face aperture because be caused by of evil of one man beast

Person face goat

Kenya shows person face goat to be combined by doubt person and goat child

According to American news website " Yourjewishnews.com " will report on December 17, a farmer of area of · Meng Basa discovered Buddhist nun of Kenya interest section amazedly recently, young cub is growing the goat that his home just was born aperture of face of a pair of person.

After the message is passed, ground of local strive to be the first drives him to domestic farm, surround watch goat of this person face. This ferial li of very quiet small town become bubbling with noise immediately. Local guesses in succession, person face goat is person and goat union generation.

Early before, according to the United States " He Fen pauses Post " the message will say on December 2, on November 25, the court on the accused of a Kenya man that with black goat makes love. After admitting guilty fact, this man is sentenced because of animal evil blame set term of imprisonment 10 years.

The message says, this man name is · of accept blocking a tower to block sanded · Ge Na (Katana Kitsao Gona) , this year 28 years old. Accident that day, around villager comes to woods pee, discover to there is the dress on branch innocently. The villager is examined everywhere, discover dagger ac

cept whole body is bare unexpectedly unexpectedly, having sexual intercourse with the goat. After ovine host is informed, signed up for immediately alarm, was the same as other villager to reachcapture Ge Na together at top speed wearing. Subsequently police captures his quickly bring to justice.

In case careful, fall victim goat also shows body court. According to the report of vet of an out place, this goat pudenda bleeds, this proved Ge Na has animal evil action truly further. Although Ge Na entreats forensic allow to absolve, the wife that there still is disability in weighing the home wants his to take care of, but judge act asks the priestess · girl cloth (Muthoni Nzibe) still adjudicates his 10 years the punishment of bagnio, this also is a the prison term in case of evil of this country animal is the longest.

Recommend read: The mix into in beer enters hill of exterminate of K pink fierce one man confuses evil to serve little younger sister to obtain punishment

Read related: La Jieying admits to ever caused psychogenic disorder to send by rape of moviedom eldest brother touched 40 years old of men claim fortune-telling Great Master rapes 8 people to put ark on the ice to hide uxoricide of cadaver case murderer in school female undergraduate evil young female the capital punishment that be sentenced [pursue]

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

Dispatch will occupy people net on October 31 Reuter report, burkina Faso army will launch coup towards evening on October 30. Burkina Faso objects presidential Bulaici the disturbance that Kongpaaoai writes constitution reachs peak 30 days. Dusk time, the army declares this state: Dissolve government and parliament, execute curfew, before order of national return constitution, government and congressional influence will make by a definite date the transition of 12 months in governmental hand. This is the message that by chief of the general staff of Burkina Faso army Ao Nuolei plays name of abstruse Lei Shu to release especially, announce on the press conference by an officer. According to this proclamation, this country will from 19 Shi Zhiling morning 6 when execute curfew. Army chief of the general staff still announces: Establish transfer government, transfer influence deadline of the government is 12 months.

29 days, burkina Faso capital erupted to object amending the demonstration of constitution, demonstrate person think, the purpose of correction constitution is to let Kongpaaoai's president be able to be reappointed consecutively. Demonstrate person it is what this says constitution coup. Opposition claims, 1 million person joi

ned parade. On Wednesday, capital street continues know exactly about sth 10 thousand people are processional, but the circumstance is relatively quiet. Partial shop opens the door afresh, a bit was not shown have the sign that happens to change greatly. But person of Burkina Faso of opposition leader appeal parades greatly in Zhou Si, receive a black spring.

30 days 9 when make, the safe line that before congress door hundreds person forms is in thousands of demonstrate person the breakthrough below concussion, demonstrate person ignited congress, partial building burns. Subsequently, hundreds person develops national TV station, cut off transmission, after robbing one sky, go away. Violent activity enlarges this country the 2nd big city, this municipal government and hold political party ministry is burned. Midday, burkina Faso government announces to cancel to revise constitution proposal below enor

mous pressure, appeal people keep one's head. Meanwhile, this country presidential Kongpaaoai gives orders the whole nation enters a state of siege. But when be late already, dusk time, army announces to dissolve government and parliament, curfew is executed in the whole nation. Governmental authority and legislative are handed in by temporarily governmental control. The end that becomes so according to saying is to restore constitution order afresh after 12 months.

The France of colonial suzerain before regarding as appeals each keep one's hair on, the United States expresses special to condition concern, the violent situation that the European Union appears to Burkina Faso expresses to be anxious very, each at once ends violent activity related the requirement, begin a dialogue as soon as possible. Blame alliance appeals each just maintain exercise restraint.

According to the report, the force of 30 day happening causes one person death at least, this person is the little little brother that currently holds the post ofpresidential Kongpaaoai, he is in be apart from its friend home hundreds of meters place is beaten dead. It is Kongpaaoai of 63 years old to started military coup d'etat on October 15, 1987, the Thoms in coup's president and its suite kill completely, kongpaaoai obtains this country mastery, hold the position of a president 27 years up to now. He is regarded as to be the mediate person that processing Africa crisis cannot bypass, but do not know how to handle native crisis eventually, announce to disband a government to army all the time, oneself are overthrown nonofficeholding till. (Laoren)

 Aobama: The United States will be built eradicate mode of success of ISIS duplicate Somalia extensively federally

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