The world spends slippery large award to surpass Chinese cup the Sui Dynasty gentle and quiet Han Cong seizes two-men Hua Guanjun 147.47 minutes

Slippery player of the national flower in report was in Chongqing of Xinhua News Agency on November 9 the figure skating of Chinese cup world that Chongqing holds shows scene on large award competition, the Sui Dynasty of champion of contest of two world bright and beautiful is gentle and quiet / Han Cong and world bright and beautiful surpasses the 4th Peng Cheng this year / Jin Yang undertakes the whole thing before two-men slips two; On male single project, jin Boyang and Yan contain harvest Guan Yajun likewise.

Sui Wenjing / Han Cong free slippery continuance of 9 days the music that world bright and beautiful surpasses this year looks " the rain in your eye " , besides program second half paragraph sheet jumps a bit imperfect, the quality of program of a complete set of that finish is extremely high, the play is exquisite also and appealing, get finally 147.47 minutes, carry off 228.37 minutes with total cent champion.

On November 9, sui Wenjing of champion China player (left) / Han Cong slips in two-men prize-giving ceremonially. Xue Yubin of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed

Sui Wenjing says: Developed us to compare good training level today, we had not seen a table small minutes, I feel (movement) still can have a few little pro

blems. Before going to Japan standing we can adjust the action that has a problem.

The Peng Cheng that in the United States the station carries off first large award surpasses minute of station to surpass champion last month / Jin Yang suffers injury to affect play to owe beautiful that evening, begin sheet jumps difficulty is inferior, subsequently jump repeatedly occurrence error, but cast jump and twist turn to still be finished degree very good, get finally 131.47 minutes, win second place 199.97 minutes with total cent. Canada combines Yiliushejinna / Biluoduo ranks with 190.73 minutes 3. Tang Fei Yao of China / Yang Yong exceeds obtain the 7th.

After 8 days of pipe nipple look, before Jin Boyang of sports season army ranks the Yan Han of return international competition ground and two world bright and beautiful two. Freedom of 9 days slips, jin Boyang depends on tall difficulty the movement gains the championship with 261.53 minutes, yan Han ranks with 249.45 minutes 2, the assist in Italian player with 241.88 obtain the 3rd.

Every day the freedom that day is slippery configured 3 all around jump, of begin tick off a hand all around Gao Youyuan, quality is extremely high, subsequently hind outside the dot is put on the ice all around achieve even two Zhou Yeshun profit, but the last hind outside the dot is put on the ice all around jump empty, finished two weeks only. He lives firmly subsequently mind, clean ground finished Akesaier after 3 weeks receive a week inside knot annulus 3 weeks jump repeatedly, a few leap from the back are very dovish also, final freedom is slippery get 176.1 minutes, first this also is Jin Boyang large award surpass minute of station to surpass champion.

(today) it is OK to still calculate, jin Boyang says, leap is finished so that still go for whole, but the rate that glides today is a bit slow still, the dot outside the likelihood all around jump some are affected after sky, still did not slip. The play when tr

aining than me actually is a lot of poorer, I jump in training 4 all around successful rate is high in jumping to be surpassed frequently. Still should be reason of oneself state of mind, often guard quite, not quite decisive. Still want to throw form, boldly forth.

The Yan Han of regain China cup also brings an audience a lot of surprises, he brings " love Le Zhicheng " glide fluent and beautiful, find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, although did not go up all around, after Er of a place of strategic importance connects Dan Ake 3 weeks outside 3 weeks, tick off a hand the 3 bouncing finishing quality such as week are very high, take many GOE (the movement carries out cent) add cent.

The female only competition that day especially wonderful, the Russia young general of hypocoristic a thousand pieces of gold installs graceful Xieerbakewa to tick off a hand with two all around the tall difficulty that jump configures slippery match of Jing colourful freedom, carry off 226.04 minutes with total cent Chinese cup champion, this is her Bensaijidi station of cent of competition of 2 large award surpasses champion, because this is successful,also promote total final. Gongyuanzhizi of Japanese famous general picks silver with 211.18 minutes, the 3rd is Russia famous general, graph of champion of contest of world bright and beautiful overcame Damishewa 2015. Chen Hong Yi and Zhu Yi obtain Chinese young general respectively the 9th mix the 11st.

In match glacial dance, of poem of Chinese combination king / Liu Xinyu ranks the 4th 186.45 minutes with total cent, their cent station surpasses refresh optimal rank and history are highest cent.

World bright and beautiful surpasses Xinniteshenna of famous general of runner-up, Russia this year / Katesalabofu carries off champion glacial dance, achievement is 209.9 minutes, american combination just is overcome / Batesi is ranked with 208.55 minutes the 2nd. Canada combines Bodeli / Suolunsen is ranked the 3rd, get 190.74 minutes.

On November 9, chinese player Jin Boyang is awarding prize the ceremony is backward the audience presents his compliment. Xue Yubin of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed

The play of rich of Zhao Hong of total coach of team of Chinese figure skating to this second team member is very satisfactory, he says: I cannot think of the male single, because Yan Han's condition is not very stable, trained one year last year also not system. These two programs achieved him himself to compare good form. Now GOE (the movement carries out cent) add the difficulty on cent comparing to have the effect more, of Yan Han glide the characteristic that has oneself. Jin Boyang is slippery also gave a program with best near future.

Cheng of two-men slippery Peng / Jin Yang condition is not particularly good, in still be being adjusted, but the Sui Dynasty / before Han is compared a few sports season are close friends a lot of, developed training standard basically today; Putting dance on the ice is the gain that saw the near future tries hard. He says.

Chinese cup is world figure skating series of large award competition surpasses the 4th station, there still are Russia station and Japanese station from the back. Competition of large award of world figure skating is the international that by international slippery couplet sponsors top class beautiful slippery match, by 6 stations cent station is surpassed and one station total final is comprised, total final will be in this sports season Italian Douling is held. (reporter Li Jia, Gu Xun)

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