Asenna orders a ball 4

Battle of focus of league matches cup, battle of 5-5 of A dark accept is smooth Liverpudlian, regret of the 4-5 that order a ball loses. The Asenna after contest advocate handsome Aimeili accepted BBC interview, comparative contest was done comment on.

Aimeili says: This is a mad race, I am a player people expression feels proud. Before us 45 minutes of rhythm are very fast, before adversary last time

is attacked, we are in banner. Ordering a ball is 55, final our play away the match. We are very regretful to this, our expression deserves to go up more. There are a lot of positive factors in the match.

Defend on tell, two team affirmation is dissatisfactory. To fan, this is 90 very marvellous minutes, score is being changed all the time, the game is very wonderful. We can feel proud for our expression, but the result that does not include the game. Be stranded neat Er came back, the actual strength that uses him and spirit helped us, he is kicked very have fight. Change him go off the stage has planned, before we are surpassed, had chatted.

Be asked about to tie the issue of card, aimeili says: Plunge into card? I still cannot say we are met on the weekend now how the match, we must one step comes.

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t plum? ? of Mei of  of Ping of Qiang of  of Piao of Huang dew Zha behaves proud responsibility to edit for Asenna: Li Xiaoling

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