Dimension of division of total end of the year final holds Wta in the palm child not enemy game of Ben Xiji group gives line can concern

Beijing time on October 29, group of red group of total end of the year final surpasses Shenzhen WTA, ben Xiji 6-3/1-6/6-4 beat Keweituowa, acquire a group contest head is gotten the better of.

Keweituowa and Benxiji are surpassed in the group first-run it is losing one party, the result that accordingly Benchangbi surpasses is crucial to two people, two players the fight hand to hand before this 5, division child 4 get the better of 1 negative take actor, in the month first in net two people are the closest the Keweituowa in fight hand to hand is over get the better of pass a barrier.

First dishes of match, keweituowa sends a Love Game strong protect hair, an experience surprises to deuce on the west originally defend after test serve bureau, next both sides is protected smoothly hair, dimension of division of the 7th bureau holds child error grow in quantity in the palm to suffer broken hair, ben Xiji is defended serve precede with 5-3 after the bureau, dimension of division of the 9th bureau holds child blame in the palm to protect cannot one bureau again fall, lose 4 minutes of 3-6 to hand over this dish repeatedly.

The 2nd dish, ben Xiji's play appears rise and fall, keweituowa is experienced dish between after adjusting, found answer way, promoted serve Czech girl of the level is defeated continuousl

y hair is procurable, those who obtain 4-0 is banner, ben Xiji falls to win 4 minutes to protect repeatedly in the circumstance of 15-40 subsequently hair, and division child none be irresolute when firmness is needed protects belt broken 6-1 to turn an one city repeatedly again.

Decide the issue of the battle dish, the bureau is respective protect hair hind, of Keweituowa serve appear rise and fall send double by accident, gave Benxiji broken hair point, swiss person holds successfully, but division child also is obtained immediately time broken, subsequently two people each other is defeated, before 6

bureaus are hit into 3-3, after each other is protected, keweituowa sends 3 broken hair the drop in 0-40 of crucial the 9th bureau, the 5-4 after Ben Xiji cashs is greeted serve bureau success contest, protect hair hind successfully, swiss person 6-4 is taken, obtain head get the better of.

Original title: Child of division of battle of life and death of total end of the year final not enemy game of Ben Xiji group goes responsibility of line can concern to edit: Li Xiaoling

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