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Toronto of China News Service mark of button of area of electric big Toronto is special on August 11 forensic Judge Howard accused Guan Chi to arrive 1 minute because of check 27 seconds reach a court, because this announ

ces suddenly will 12 already are accused by check be suspected of convict releasing.

Go up 21 days month, judge Howard releases 12 suddenly to be suspected of convict on the court, deputy at that time check accuses Guan Mai to block Lienben to should be in that day morning 11 when reach a court 46 minutes, but because was

late 87 seconds, judge Howard already sued cancel of all and provincial case, reason is " accuse square absent " . And before wh some of which obtains judge cancel to charge the person of the blame, already all admitted his guilt, they just await a judge to sentence.

Nevertheless, basis " Toronto star signs up for " the reporter surveys gain, this judge itself is same without comply with a rigid time keeping standard.

Guan Benzhou of suddenly Hua Defa 3 answer formerly in the morning 9 when careful leaves 30 minutes in 204 courts a case, but he became late 2 minutes of 7 seconds just show body court. Judge Howard expresses on front courtyard: "I am sorry, we fail punctual open a court session. " say because recording equipment of the court appeared,this is a few " technical problem " .

Judge Howard is late after board of the midday that be the same as day 9 seconds of ability appear in court, that should be an insignificant matter originally, but, the strict level that if cite,he ever used: Deputy check accuses Guan Chi to arrive 87 seconds, release person of doubt of 12 experience case. According to this computation, be late 9 seconds should cancel check accuses 1.24 cases.

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n spring city makes happy and senile living

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t austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

Afghan official says Taliban sets commando of seal of U.S. Army of bureau trap and kill


"London is a top-ranking city, regrettablly by second-class national institute be a burden on. " Londoner says for fun. As country of Yu Ying of London economy be far ahead other area, more or less does this fun have some of reason. Many scholars and politician are bolder the appeal: Make London independent! This at it or England is other city, it is a kind of disengagement probably.

If do not have London, england must take a pain at first. "The first day compares former end 20 billion pound. " Telafusi says learned man of London plutonomy courtyard. Long-term and theory, other city will cast off England eventually the shadow of London, find oneself development pattern. For instance, birmingham of large industry city is apart from London to be less than 200 kilometers, make new capital of England probably.

Yearn for " solo flight "

London develops must internationalization talent, however policy of visa of suffer from England cannot recruit person of outstanding ability. · makes an appointment with mayor Boris writing abdicate requests a parliament accordingly, give London city hall to sign and issue " phenom " the prerogative of visa, at

tract world top-ranking person with ability to come this does poineering work. Boris returns a request, let London enjoy more taxation and finance to counterpoise independently, collect duty of municipal duty, real estate of stamp duty, commerce and house property value added tax to wait independently.

Current, the income of 3/4 comes from London administration allocates funds, can receive access to estimate finite municipal tax only. Compare to it, the own advantageous position of Tokyo and new York is gotten greatly much, can a variety of duty such as collection house property, sale and income.

Ken Livingston of mayor of old rival of Boris, predecessor is more radical, think London is necessary to become an independent state. "If do not become the urban state that becomes independent completely for, london can miss good opportunity. " he says.

Cloggy development?

People thinks, capital seem power station, can drive countrywide development. However, the economy of London drives action to be confined to less than of M25 of highway of its outer shroud. More of flooey is, as a result of the existence of London, england is other the economic go from bad to worse of the area.

"London is more powerful, the policy that sucks, capital, lien and resource are more. " controller of Birmingham city parliament rests this say. The railroad of HS2 high speed that builds in order to draft is exemple, this railroad mixes join London, Birmingham Mancunian, benefit reachs city of numerous England north. However, always express to object however with the politician with preferential London. They say, as gigantic as its denounce endowment build a such tall i

ron, be inferior to London the airport adds Xisailuo the 3rd runway.

□ number

Came 2007 during 2011, the economic growth of London is adjacent 12.5% , specific gravity is occupied to come from 20.7% litres in British economy 21.9% . The gross domestic product of London is as high as 300 billion pound, comparative with Sweden, exceed Denmark and Belgium, if independent can calls the world system of the 7th old economy.


Will report on May 27 according to Japanese NHK website, recently, king of children of Japanese royalty allusion placed marriage eventually, and royalty is broken away from after royal woman gets married the line of vision that this one system also enters everybody again, perhaps will generate controversy again henceforth.

According to the regulation of royalty example, once female royal marries to be able to be cancelled with the male beyond the emperor of Japan or royal the identity of its royal, the firstborn daughter black field that resembles the emperor of Japan and empress is clear child same, she married 2005, portion of marriage the back of a person will restore to be civilian, allusion children king also faces such situation at present.

Current, in 8 single royal women, 6 people

had grown up, because marry,they all will be met henceforth and leave imperial family, make the amount of royalty decreases, can foreknow this cannot have a lot of routine activities that cause imperial family going down.

To solve royalty member ceaseless reductive problem, the government prepares plan actively, pass a series of discussing, revise royalty example of purpose it seems that, in addition, still listened to the opinion of a lot of a man of insight, be like the year before last year, the the Democratic Party is in office period ever somebody puts forward to found " female Wang Fu " after abigail sex royal marries, stay inside palace, should take this proposal afresh now discuss. Governmental immediately was announced after arranging with all possible means viewpoint.

But, also have the crosscurrent with a lot of person confirmed hold to this one draft resolution, they think " cannot accept female the emperor of Japan " , 3 premier express An Beijin " discuss cautiously answer measure " .

3 years ago, the firstborn daughter of couple of Majesty of autumn Ha palace is true child the birthday that greeted oneself 20 years old to grow up, back-to-back their female beautiful child also will grow up in December this year.

Royal reduces Majesty of the emperor of Japan to feel anxious ceaselessly

Because royalty member decreases ceaselessly, the routine activity of royalty will not go down very likely continuously. To such current situation, majesty of the emperor of Japan feels anxious.

Will look with current condition, for royalty the weighty responsibility of continuance burning incense will fall possibly in leisurely person to a flight of steps leading to a palace hall on the shoulder of next person.

But each system that examines royalty afresh has evolved to be mixed for politics jural problem.

Make clear in constitution make clear: "The emperor of Japan cannot intervene homemaking rules the country quite " , that is to say, want this kind of regulation to exist only, the emperor of Japan cannot stand on the footing of royalty to express his view, the emperor of Japan also is prohibited expressing his view publicly.

Royalty member decreases ceaselessly, this problem concerns crown prince the home and Majesty of one autumn Ha palace future, royalty also spread out several times to discuss in the light of this problem.

Among them, nuuzhen of parent of Majesty of autumn Ha palace child already grown, now year female beautiful child also be about to grow up, so the settlement of this problem to Majesty of autumn Ha palace for exceeding extremely urgent.

Majesty of autumn Ha palace expresses on the in birthday reporter news briefing 3 years ago, the likelihood after royal woman gets married will make the member of prospective royal decreases considerably, expenditure of although this phenomenon is OK cut treasury, can yet be regarded as a favour, but he still expresses: "To maintain current royal system, fixed number is very necessary. Hope everybody is discussing royalty when the road henceforth, can listen attentively to I or the opinion that are crown prince Majesty. Can listen attent

ively to I or the opinion that are crown prince Majesty..

On the other hand, crown prince Majesty expresses " the aspect that considers as parents has a lot of " , and say: "Will return in the light of congress of this one problem henceforth will spread out in all sorts of circumstances discuss, so I also do not think again overmuch give uncecessary details. " (the exercitation compiles: Zhao Yinuo)