Rocket of the contest before Nba season wins flier two get the better of Harden to chop 37+7+7 madly repeatedly

Beijing time on October 4, NBA Ji Qian surpasses proceed, cease Si Duihuo arrow is right flier of Zhen Luosha Ji, tall of star of Gemini of this battle flier is treated and Laiangnade all did not enter the court, power also be short of less because of the injury blast, final rocket with adversary of 109-96 beat easily, greet two Lian Sheng.


ket respect, harden makes 7 bank of calorie of 37 branch 3 times 7 secondary attack, card admire helps 14 minutes of 11 bank, kelaimengsi 15 minutes of 4 backboard; Flier respect, halley Er 17 minutes of 6 backboard, lu Wei 13 minutes, maigelude 12 minutes, zu Baci 10 minutes of 5 backboard.

Before this summer Qiao Zhishen trades please, go to flier, power little be traded fin

ally rocket, this checks the rumor in former days there is contradiction between thunderbolt combination, two people are attendant today nevertheless the edge meets is to have however say to have laugh, obvious concern is very good still, hug of palm of backstroke of the two people after chatting one time presents his compliment.

Both sides head sends a battle array:

Rocket: Harden, Gordon, Maikele not, tower gram, Kapeila

Flier: Beifuli, Shamite, Hakelisi, Jerome - Robin abdicate, Zubaci

Original title: Harden chops flier of 37+7+7 rocket beat easily madly to take Ji Qian to surpass two Lian Sheng responsibility to edit: Li Xiaoling

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