Lei of fierce of Spaish coach leave one's post on the west hopeful of armour competition ground " acquire a new life "

Hopeful of armour competition ground obtains Lei of fierce of Spaish coach leave one's post on the west new student

On the west armour 8 rounds afterwards, accumulated the Spaish that ranks penult 5 minutes to make only on integral a list of names posted up change time of handsome decision Beijing today before dawn, spaish club government announces, add Ye dagger leave one's post, dimension benefit ferrous fills in before Shuai Maqin receives palm Shuai Yin. Outer bound looks,

experience is changed this handsome hind, fierce Lei hopeful acquires a new life.

Of Jiayege teach course it may be said leaves high low go, replace Lu Bicheng to be Spaish team advocate Shuai Qian, he teachs in B team all the time, it is the green train meritorious service of the club. Assume office earlier, he leads Spaish to surpass carry everything before it in qualification of Europe couplet cup, 6 matches have not v/LIT be utterly defeated, enter Ou Lian cup smoothly to be being surpassed. So far, the two matches military successes that Spaish surpasses in group of Europe couplet cup is 1 smooth 1 get the better of. 15 when be like the Ou Zhan before adding team 15 years indefectible, spaish already with successive 23 Ou Zhan are indefectible before military successes broke this by Agukesi retentive 21 indefectible records.

But Spaish is in on the west the combat gains on armour competition ground is not good however, 8 rounds of matches were obtained only 1 get the better of 2 average 5 negative result, 4 goals also make they and assistant team leader Laijianeisi is become together armour scores a goal on the west least team. This one gloomy military successes makes Spaish pul

ls the alarm that maintain level noisy early.

Admire of horse of the person that add the succeed sb in a post of Ye dagger in Xi Yiqiu team Numanxiya's echelon formation begins to teach career, took up the post of He Luona's bishop to drill 2014, team of suitable interest rate of 2016 2017 sports season rushs on the west armour, in on the west wonderful appearance is made for many times on armour competition ground. Go up sports season, ma Qin teachs Saiweiliya, in match of before league matches half Cheng, he leads a team to stay in Europe coronal area all the time, but because second half Cheng defends the problem brings about achievement to glide, after falling into disuse, Europe couplet cup finishs class by.

Sufferring what Chinese fan pays close attention to is, of Spaish change Shuai Ke to be able to be met during the Wu Lei that just returned national group to report for duty brings new vivid Fajiayege to teach, wu Lei has played 6 positions in all, although Ou Zhan obtains a goal, but cannot harvest a ball tardy in league matches. Be in 8 rounds when had ended on the west in armour league matches, wu Lei leaves fan people impressive occasion is not much, he is secured to be in recently of right avant-courier locally, develop oneself characteristic hard. Hold the post of newly advocate the praise highly that Shuai Maqin is 3 halfback person, and the place that whether can he find Wu Lei to suit most makes a person expect. (reporter Zhou Xiao)

Original title: Spaish advocate leave one's post of dagger of Shuai Jia Ye, fierce Lei hopeful " acquire a new life " responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling

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