Does man make the same score fire of these 6 words which 6 words did Lang Ping say? Chinese women's volleyball two Lian Sheng

[rise national anthem of ensign, achieve! Today, man made the same score fire of these 6 words] 14 days, 2019 women's volleyball world cup, the Chinese women's volleyball of man smooth assume leadership falls continuously team of Korea of 3 bureaus conquer greets make a good begin

ning. After contest, lang Ping accepts when interviewing, say: Want to put on the polo shirt that contains China only, represent motherland go out for a battle namely. Every time match, our target is litre of ensign, achieve national anthem!

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Women's volleyball world cup was having take turns competition in Japan 2019. Be opposite in battle of 14 days of China head battle Korea 3:0After the victory, ever the women's volleyball of world cup of 7 go on an expedition advocate handsome Lang Ping expresses: Want to put on the polo shirt that contains China only, give fight on behalf of motherland go out for a battle namely, the win honour for that it is a country is our obligation and our mission, our target is national anthem of litre of ensign, achieve. This word also was ascended that evening " news broadcast " , be brushed by the netizen screen.

Two Lian Sheng! Chinese women's volleyball again 3:0Win the contest

Lang Dao's word still is by ear. In the 2nd round of match of 15 days of ends, chinese team again with total score 3:0military successes is over get the better of African champion Cameroon team, gained follow yesterday head battle 3:0After Korea of sweep anything away two Lian Sheng!

Netizen: A kind of spirit calls China the women's volleyball

The netizen is spoken highly of in succession, breathe out continuously: Chinese women's volleyball, our pride! For a short while, women's volleyball spirit is lighted on the net again.

Young general carries the whole audience of old standard emersion highest 22 minutes

Unlike the brunt battle array of first match, this Chinese women's volleyball chooses to let have holidays by turns of veteran Zhu Ting, Yan Ni, more it is to expedite young

team member to come on the stage. Face the African strong line that never crosses handle, chinese women's volleyball is young team member people show go all out in work tenaciously spirit, the Li Yingying of 19 years old of young general that attends a world cup first among them carries an aggression big banner, 26 buckle 19 in, got the whole audience 22 minutes highest. Be opposite with before one day in the match of a Korea, highest split phase is the same as the whole audience that spiker Zhu Ting takes.

Inheritance goes all out in work bring up a women's volleyball brilliant success

Although the Lang Dao after contest expresses, young team member people the watch is existing rise and fall, but she also says frankly, this is to give young player people enter the court the opportunity of the match. Yes, successor of the generation below education is the spirit of a kind of inheritance of Chinese women's volleyball, of team member of generation acting women's volleyball go all out in work tenaciously the brilliant success that brought up Chinese women's volleyball.

Women's volleyball girl, each match from the back we are cheered for you!

Next, team of China of women's volleyball world cup still will have a series of matches 2019, according to match sheet circular mode sets, 12 take part in the match the team makes hand opportunity once between every team, decide the position finally according to integral platoon.

On September 16 14:00, chinese women's volleyball will is opposite the Russia of powerful force of Europe of the 3rd adversary of a current world cup team.

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