Women's volleyball of Cameroon of Vs of women's volleyball of China of women's volleyball world cup compares time of game of address of entrance of contest Cctv5 direct seeding

On Sept

ember 15 message, women's volleyball world cup launched the have a contest of the 2nd match 2019, chinese women's volleyball meets women's volleyball of Cameroon of African powerful force head-on. 11: 30 minutes of direct seeding this field match.

Cameroon is the team that current world cup takes part in the match exclusively first. To Chinese women's volleyball character, cameroon is a newer rival. Two teams never meet in 3 contests not only, surpass in Swiss elite even predestined relationship stand facing each other is not had in such invitational tournament.

First-run be opposite a constellation enemy Korea, china chose 5 main attack in 14 people list, xin of two pairs of beneficial that attack Zheng and Yang Hanyu did not obtain chance signing up. Second battle is Argentine, whether can 14 people list have change? Of Chinese team advocate it is more mature already to make a battle array, head Li Yingying of only main attack is mixed when battle Korea 2 pass Yao Di's reserve to come on the stage.

With Cameroon although one battle sends a battle array to be not done first adjust, as the match development also can undertake battle array rotate accordingly, let more player have the familiar ground, opportunity that gets used to the match.

On September 15 11:3Cameroon of VS of 0 yokohama China

Game time: On September 15

Direct seeding address: Http://tv.cctv.com/live/cctv5/


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