Chinese male basket does not have predestined relationship world cup 16 will enter by force discharge a contest to contend for Olympic Games qualification

People net Beijing on September 4 report (Yang Qiaodong) on September 4, group contest enters world cup of basketball of couplet of 2019 international basket to turn white-hot level, the house of loose to be in 5 tonight definitely basketball of the battle China line that A group gets the central point that fix eyes upon fully and Venezuela team delimits next full stop.

Full-court match, chinese male basket by Venezuela team strong suppress, technical characteristic and attack prevent two end to fail to be developed normally, defeat finally with 59-72, promote without the predestined relationship 16 strong. So far, the group of A group surpasses all end, poland sits firmly with be being gotten the better of 3 times completely group the first, venezuela male basket two after getting the better of one negative close therewith, two teams promote hand in hand 16 strong, china and Ketediwa enter 17-32 name to discharge a contest (basketball world cup discharges a competition regulation detailed to solve) .

Venezuela regards a South America as team, although do not talk to go up actual strength is preeminent, but successful break out of an encirclement kills a world cup in the national group of the America area that can be like the cloud from ace, actual strength nature nots allow small gaze. Be in current in contest of qualification of male basket world cup, venezuela with 8 get the better of 1 negative military successes strong give a clue. Venezuela ball wind is strong, be good at body antagonism, exterior line projectile ability is remarkable. In the rank of world of international basket couplet of newest first phase, venezuela team ranks the 20th, chinese team list the 30th.

In addition, this field match is two team the engage in a battle of the 2nd front on male basket world cup, last time fight hand to hand is in Argentine 1990 world in bright and beautiful contest, at that time team of China of Venezuela win by a narrow margin. Two teams speak on world contest recently, it is in the Liyaoao 2016 carry is met go up, team of the China when those is defeated with 4 minutes of cherish. On current world cup, with the China in A group and Venezuela, ketediwa won in two groups contest afore respectively, was defeated by Poland. Accordingly, this field race issue closes two teams to give line destiny.

Face the grim situation that gives a clue, the sense of urgency that who gains to promote is perforative whole match. First half, venezuela uses the dominant position that begin place builds, firmly masters match rhythm. Chinese male basket is attacked criterion time and again suffocate suffocate, hit quite passively. Although 3 minutes of balls have Chinese team after this a bit get warm again after a cold spell, but adversary is responded to with 3 minutes again and again, you come to the China between my go toing the team lags behind 10 minutes with 23-33 when half of a game or contest ends. The second half, banner Venezuela chooses to begin from defend end continues to squelch Chinese team, chinese team planted agent suffers badly achieve, exterior line also cannot give prop up strongly. Final, in battle of this life and death, but defeat.

Well-known, to ball game of any a basket, the importance of the rebound is self-evident. However, the Chinese group that has absolutely height advantage robs 28 bank only, among them 10 aggression backboard. Watch average height to only 1.96 meters Venezuela team robs below 49 bank toughly instead, include 20 aggression bank among them. Change character, sheet is in backboard on this data, chinese team altogether lost 21 backboard, 10 aggression bank. This also makes Chinese group the direct inducement that this field match suffers a defeat. To this, wang Zhelin expresses after contest, adversary prepares very adequately for this match, so that Chinese team is worn to hit by suppress all the time, they (Venezuela) feel our characteristic very thoroughly, and found us defend the mistake that go up. Although we are surpassed before also beforehand appraise is developing the actual strength that grabs backboard to go up to the other side, but factual circumstance is our planted agent

did not stare at good bank really, gave a lot of issues.

As the She Ji that Chinese male basket surpasses in the group, current team of Asia of male basket world cup is completely annihilated: 6 Asias team all does not have guest of He Fei law of China, Iran, Japan, Korea, Jordan the predestined relationship promotes 16 strong. Next, chinese male basket will move division Guangzhou, undertake two discharge a contest, for direct ticket did Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 final sprint. According to Olympic Games regulation, amphitryon Japan team obtains project of Olympic Games basketball to take part in the match directly qualification, accordingly, chinese group must contend for one Olympic Games entrance ticket of Zhang Baogui with dawn of Korea, Iran, Philippine peace treaty.

Mixed 8 days on September 6, chinese male basket will is opposite respectively in Guangzhou a Korea and Nigeria.

Original title: Contest of group of group of A of male basket world cup receives government-owned China not enemy Venezuela does not have a predestined relationship 16 strong responsibility edit: Ren Shaojie

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