World cup of male basket of 2019 United States dimension of wave of Lianbo of bishop of group of nation of odd basketball of 15 people name is strange

Beijing time on August 5, male basket government announced the United States formally to prepare for war the list of 15 people assemble for training of Chinese world cup, in addition ask the priestess as the forward that dig gold - Keleigeding replaces flier rear guard Shameite is selected, the 14 people list of team of male basket choose also gives heat subsequently.

According to arrangement, these two add up to the team of 29 people will be in the center

of Men Dehuo Er of UNLV on August 6 at Beijing time open trains battalion, training time is 6-9 day, and group of 10 days of United States gives cent blue line and white group, undertake in Las Vegas a warm up is surpassed.

American male basket list of 15 National People's Congress are as follows: Cling to Mu - Adebayao, Harrisson - Barnes, outstanding human relations - Braun, triumphant Er - Kucima, Brook - Luopeici, .

And besides strange assume leadership of wave wave dimension, group of assistant of American male basket still includes a brave and strong person advocate handsome Steve - Cole, eagle advocate handsome Luo Yide - Pierce and Weilanuowa of the university advocate Shuai Jie - Lai is special.

As the team that accompany practice, team of choose of American male basket includes the following 14 players: Gu Lei is special - Alan, Ma Wen - Bageli, Mikaer - Bridges, outstanding human relations - Bul

unsen, John - . Of choose team advocate handsome will be before NBA teachs a head Jeff - Fangandi, and his assistant is the coach mark that ridge Sa adds an university - not at.

Of choose team final and selected person will at Beijing time 14-16 day was in in August los angeles assemble for training, next 17 days play game of a warm up with Spanish team. And world cup of American male basket 12 people are formal list will be announced on August 18 at Beijing time, american team will be in Melbourne at 20-25 day assemble for training, day and 23 day, 25 Australia play game of two warm up. Warm up surpasses last battle, american group will follow Canadian group be engaged in a hand-to-hand fight in 27 days.

Original title: American male basket announces a world cup to prepare for war responsibility of 15 list of National People's Congress edit: Ceng Shaolin

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