Chinese women's volleyball meets German 3:1 head-onGet the better of obtain qualification of women's volleyball of Tokyo Olympic Games to surpass B group two Lian Sheng

Peaceful wave of Xinhua News Agency on August 3 report (Xu of reporter Xia Liang asks for Wei Hua) group of B of contest of qualification of women's volleyball of Tokyo Olympic Games continues 3 days to undertake in logical sequence of Ning Bo north, chinese women's volleyball is final 3:1Conquer Germany team, results two Lian Sheng.

On August 3, chinese team player celebrates match triumph. Huang Zongzhi of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed

On the league matches of world women's volleyball that undertook in June, chinese team and German team once had had engage in a battle in boreal logical sequence, at that time Chinese team 3: 0 be over get the better of, nevertheless German team did not use up dispatch brunt in that match.

And enter the court to overcome band appearance to compare to Zhen Jie, chinese team is in a hair fine tuning undertook on the battle array, li Yingying takes sb's place Zhang Changning and main attack of partner of bright red graceful.

Head bureau match, chinese line is present on major while is in passivity, german team 16:14 banner enter a technology the 2nd times to pause. Chinese team bishop drills man is made the same score sub

sequently ceaseless move forces, ceng Chunlei and Liu dawn red are replaced to enter the court early or late, chinese team also hits an aggression small climax to exceed score instead subsequently. Block of Yan Ni's single person notchs, help Chinese team 24:22 take bureau place. Serve to notch directly as Ceng Chunlei, chinese team 25:22 take right-hand seat bureau.

Match of the 2nd bureau, chinese team 8:7Banner enter first time technology to pause. Sending the case that reach the designated position, chinese team is hit into quick attack for many times, and with 16:12 banner enter a technology the 2nd times to pause. Although German team will divide difference to narrow to 1 minute for a time subsequently, but the good play that Zhu Ting of the moment of truth performs give the decisive word for many times, after drop of Ceng Chunlei bureau serves to notch directly again, chinese team 25:22 leave one town again.

Mix a bureau match be exactly the same, chinese group leaves in the 3rd bureau bureau be in backward. After lagging behind 5 minutes to enter a technology the 2nd times to pause, chinese team hits aggression climax to will divide difference to narrow to 2 minutes for two times, fail to come true to exceed instead from beginning to end regrettablly, german group is final 25:21 pull an one bureau.

Opening bureau 5:1After preceding, chinese team is in the 4th bureau from beginning to end keep a firm hand on is worn the situation on field. Be in with 16:12 banner after entering a technology the 2nd times to pause, chinese team did not let an opportunity escape, final 25: 15 take next bureaus success contest.

The Lang Ping after contest says when summary match: We made difficult preparation to the match, of German team serve and defend effectively we caused resistance. We are hit so that have patience quite, sending the case that cannot organize quick attack, aggression is outstanding at 3 o'clock, some team member are hit very tenaciously, we are mixed in block defend on can do weller.

Another match, turkey team 3:1Conquer Czech team, obtain likewise two Lian Sheng. End game, chinese

team will is opposite a Turkey team, the winner will acquire a group the first take directly thereby march the ticket of Tokyo Olympic Games.

Original title: Force of Chinese women's volleyball overcomes Germany to obtain Olympic Games qualification to surpass two Lian Sheng responsibility to edit: Ceng Shaolin

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