International champion cup graceful couplet 2

Hot thorn of conquer of graceful couplet 2-1 prevents international champion cup after graceful couplet Ba Yi litter leaves main force

Beijing time is late on July 25 19 when 30 minutes, hold in Chinese Shanghai match of international champion cup is medium 2019, conquer of graceful couplet 2-1 heats up thorn. Although red demon wins victory, but their full back Ba Yi defends in the 54th minute get hurt when Sun Xing from, look the condition of an injury is not light.

The second half on couplet used Benchangbisaiman two completely diverse lineups, ba Yi comes on the stage in the second half. The 54th minute, sun Xing is in the Korea player of hot thorn forbidden zone is left grab a ball, before going up, Ba Yi is stared at prevent, after be being cut inside ball of belt of Sun Xing make the false action that wants shoot a few tim

es continuously, and Ba Yi is successive also make fall down a m

ovement that block up, in defending this as a result Ba Yi gets hurt.

Ba Yi's hobnail was blocked by sod it seems that at that time, bring about his knee sprain. Graceful wing cure had preliminary check-out and treatment to Ba Yi later, and litter also enters field, the Ba Yi that cannot hold to the match also is changed accordingly.

After contest graceful couplet advocate handsome Suoersikeya expresses, we have 6 halfback, undertook rotate in warm up contest accordingly, this field match was turn for Ba Yi to come on the stage, but regretful is he gets hurt. Any players in team appear injury is not meddlesome forever, ba Yi's knee gets hurt, but specific the condition of an injury wants to wait return Mancunian hind accept fieldcalibration ability to decide. I hope he does not have big question.

Full back Ba Yi is in the Ketediwa that is 25 years old to turned from Biliyaleiyaer 2016 can come graceful couplet, at that time his turn membership due is 30 million pound, main force is prevented after ever was being regarded as by graceful couplet for a time. But Ba Yi is hurt in 3 years of graceful couplet effectiveness disease is ceaseless, had gotten hurt 10 times at least according to statistic, a lot of absenter the match, constitution of person of this kind of glass also affected professional career of Ba Yi. And get hurt again in Ba Yi hind, perhaps graceful couplet should accelerate the rate that introduces Er of Kui of horse of halfback of England nation base.

Original title: Person of graceful couplet glass was hurt again! Be shaken by false start of Sun Xing litter edits from field responsibility: Li Xiaoling

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