Abstruse Neal 292 million dollar of professional career pay explodes oneself investment earn is more now

Abstruse Neal 292 million dollar of professional career pay professes to invest earn more now

O'Neil accepted legend star a few days ago when media is interviewed, disclose, he is investing the money more that domain earning earns than playing basketball. Regard NBA as one of center that regnant power provides most on the history, professional career pay is as high as O'Neil 292 million dollar.

In career of his profession of 19 years of NBA, o'Neil won 4 NBA total championship, 15 times complete star surpasses selected NBA. 2016, o'Neil is successful and selected Nai Smith basketball celebrity hall.

Although attendant inside and outside won a lot of recognition, but the drive that O'Neil still expects to get other business leader, especially Yamaxun CEO Bei Zunsi. O'Neil is profuse in praise to commercial head of Beizunsi, at the same time he himself invested a domain to also gain huge success in commerce.

When the investment concept in him refer, o'Neil expresses: My means is special old-style. Of course, you should invest a lot of capital for certain. Nevertheless, I regard family of a soldier as grown person, I know deal to want to say sincere letter.

To the product that oneself invest, o'Neil importunate principle is that it is oneself also can be at ease used product. O'Neil expresses: If I serve as Everyman need not your product, then I won't invest. No matter what you give me, I won't work. Because this is not right way.

O'Neil discloses, the money that he earns through commercial investment should play basketball than him the money that earn is even much. Want to know, o'Neil regards basketball as the athlete, altogether earned the wage of 292 million dollar. From this also he is investing it serves to show the huge success of the domain. O'Neil had created the huge trade that attributes him himself is Caesarean, he invested marvellous John to wrap around early or late passenger liner of Bu Hejia time of Sa, acute waits a brand a moment. Recently, o'Neil built a partner to concern with Aipusheng again. O'Neil expresses, he loves the product with unripe general in try out all the time: Calculate me

to did not invest them, I still also can use their printer.

Original title: On 100 million asset turn over times!

O'Neil: ? When Bei crouchs however responsibility of affectedly sweet? of  of bright of Qiu clam  edits: Li Xiaoling

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