2019 lukewarm nets 8 strong Zhang Shuai not enemy Ha Lepu Zhang Shuai with 4:7Play away " grab 7 "

2019 lukewarm nets 8 strong Zhang Shuai not enemy Ha Lepu Zhang Shuai with 4:7Play away is grabbed 7

Electric profession career killed London of Xinhua News Agency first on July 9 lukewarm net 8 strong China players Zhang Shuai fails 9 days to go further, she is opposite in what with Romania one elder sister with a ha straps general blast in with 6 (4) : 7With 1:6Be defeated below blast will do not have a predestined relationship 4 strong, ended to be full of the brigade of surprizing lukewarm 2019 net.

The world before this battle is faced the first, vole winner Ha Lepu, zhang Shuai hand holds military successes dominant position. Two people the fight hand to hand before this 3, zhang Shua

i is defeated by one field hind to win two repeatedly first, but two people never hand in handle in meadow competition ground. Recommend read: Nadaer is opposite 2019 lukewarm nets Fei Dele accept amounts to a Fei Dele time Er history is at war record statistic

First dishes of match, zhang Shuai hits out actively, take the lead in using the aggression like tempest to squelch adversary, perhaps bring adversary into play adequately in the bottom line. The rhythm that Zhang Shuai attacks quickly is entered completely after the match begins, she obtained 3:0 for a timeBanner.

But attack and adjust quickly what Halepu carried Zhang Shuai, aggression has improvement gradually, the bottom line defends also found a sense. And Zhang Shuai appears a little impatient, take the lead in changing for many times the line ends with error. The 8th bureau with a ha straps general to chase after score to 4:4, subsequently two people are protected respectively hair, battle of before 12 bureaus becomes 6:6Smooth, will to first dishes grab 7 big fight.

Grab the 7 rhythm that enter Halepu completely, although Zhang Shuai can use forehand to change now and then,the line hits a get the upper hand of to divide, but into also change the line is defeated to also change line, zhang Shuai with 4:7Play away is grabbed 7, big score 0:1Backward.

The 2nd dish of match breaths out Lepu to enter state quickly, total pressure was finished to pour Zhang Shuai in imposing manner. In the rhythm that the Romanian falls completely after the 3rd bureau, and Zhang Shuai becomes impatient rise, error is added gradually much. Ha Lepu jumps over Zhan Yueyong, zhang Shuai is immersed in low ebb. Although be in what with a ha strap general to serve,the Zhang Shuai in bureau success contest dissolved a game ball of adversary, still wind a day feebly, 1:6Zhang Shuai play away the 2nd dish, female Chan Sijiang of lukewarm net of the promotion that do not have a predestined relationship, with a ha strap general criterion afterwards lukewarm net semifinal is entered again after 2014.

Although lose a ball, but this field expression can encircle Zhang Shuai can nod, on match statistic multinomial data also can contend with powerful adversary photograph. But apparently, zhang Shuai of 30 years old still needs ceaseless him promotion, him control, be not error of sex getting press only after all she is as high as 29, more than adversary give 16.

Zhang Shuai is bringing lukewarm net 5 times first-run swimming experience, this from beat Garcia to obtain a the first fertile at present of the world before getting the better of conquer Niyaji promotes 16 strong, overcome Lan Xinxing to force gram black again Yasiteleimusika is chased after make the same score oneself to be in the best achievement of vole, ceaseless creation is surprizing, make individual lukewarm net best achievement, still become finally wi

thout the predestined relationship regrettablly only 2008 after Zheng Jie another enters the Chinese gold of lukewarm net female Chan Sijiang to spend.

The Halepu after triumph will is opposite in semifinals the winner between a Siweituolina and Muhuowa.

Original title: Zhang Shuai not enemy 8 strong responsibility edit lukewarm net of Ha Lepu go no further: Li Xiaoling

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