Salahe creats immortal ball: Shake door general 2 times Guinea of Egypt group victory

In current football, salahe is one of the strongest outside right, his breakthrough ability is very outstanding. Yesterday warm up of group of a nation surpasses before dawn in, guinea of conquer of Egypt team 3-1. Although Salahe does not have a goal, but created however an immortal ball.

When the 77th minute, salahe receives teammate to be passed continuously, he reduces reserve by right of speed advantage on the right side of. Face fall down the Guinea door that hit out will, salahe first the ball forward one disclose, fore-and-aft developed the past.

The doo

r will not abandon resistance, he makes the 2nd response quickly, try to finish intercept again. Salahe is in on the right side of near the bottom line, the instep outside using left base again answers the ball time, this changes to make Guinea door will be crossed again.

After crossing door general twice, salahe chooses to exceed small angle to push shoot. Although rubber ball hits close doorpost, but Jiazaer still close quarters fills shoot excommunicate, 2-1 of team of Egypt of this goal

help is obtained banner. " A Si signs up for " this breakthrough that highly praise Sa pulls hertz: Career is in the profession of door general to be pulled by Sa right now hertz is terminative

Original title: Beyond the mark! Salahe shakes door general 2 times on the west intermediary: Adversary wants to retire. . . Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling

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