Lin Shuhao lies in fierce dragon the coronal claims feel no regret is being paid hard everyday at oneself

Be traded by eagle in season of the sports season on Lin Shuhao fierce dragon, 23 groovy game were played in fierce dragon, 8 season hind are surpassed, follow team carries off successfully total champion.

But did not think of to be in after gaining the championship, how to enter the court in the contest after Lin Shuhao season, total final does not have hit realism one minute to become his macula more, many fan mock him to lie coronal, recombine his inferior descendants identity, topic temperature is higher more sensitive.

Recently, lin Shuhao is being accepted when interviewing, express, he also suspects whether he can deserve to go up for a time total champion.

Really occasionally, I feel I very be necessary to persuade oneself, I am feel no regret at this champion. Lin Shuhao says, I am unaccustomed of course cannot go up the feeling of field, I am an onlooker all the time, deserve to go up really champion?

But think this when me all the way experience, I can say, I deserve to go up of course. He says, I played 23 groovy game, made contribution. I also endeavor to cooperate together with teammate in training, when whole group watchs kinescope, I also can put forward my idea to help team. I feel I am valuable also, also train for match hardship from beginning to end, always had done come on the stage preparation, without place need not. People does not know our athlete wants to give how many painstaking effort for these things really.

Lin Shuhao is taking pride to try hard to stand firm in NBA, he hopes to be able to make a good exam

ple on behalf of Asian player, also give the United States that suffers discrimination fully all the time inferior descendants group hits needle of potion strong heart.

I want always still to escape before, do not hope others always is affixed to me inferior the label of descendants. He says. But when fierce dragon effectiveness, he already not kink hereat. During total final, he ever was being worn do Asian very proud Wei Yi walks into ball house, on the parade after gaining the championship, he also is being worn imprinting the special polo shirt of Chinese fierce dragon.

" new York Times " sporting page also force holds out Lin Shuhao, the Asian figure that says he stays on NBA competition ground is immortal.

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