Group of battle of Fpx of 2019lpl summer game is powerful driving bureau success is attributed to Doinb and him

2019LPL summer game undertakes now, FPX and EDG are only two of 2 maintain get the better of lead the team

of 100% , especially FPX, the team such as JDG of already successive sweep anything away, BLG, RW, morale is exuberant. FPX of spring contest period also is such, after Doinb joins in, the combination leaving a way of LWX and Crisp also had great progress, go up wild it is owner more current and top class on wild actual strength, groovy contest is shown gave extremely strong regnant power, the summer is surpassed whether answer the result that cuts spring convention to surpass level, even competition of push forward world, also made the central point that LPL audience pays close attention to.

And FPX can obtain present result, it is above all those who depend on Doinb join, from since entering LPL, doinb is to serve as top player to give the way in now all the time, can be even after crisis of experience transfer to a lower level, lead team regain LPL, this one achievement had beaten a lot of players.

Doinb is called all the time take a system oneself, this is not complimentary word, no matter be before effectiveness at RW period, still be in nowadays FPX period, the conduct competence of Doinb had tremendous effect, drive in the direct of Doinb, hit wild rhythm, earlier stage the choice of miniature round battle natural and smooth writing, and his wander ability, cooperate to hit wild linkage to wander especially, what also can let issue a road to hit is very comfortable, join in in Doinb so later, the progress leaving a way of FPX is rapid.

And of Doinb output ability secretly also coronal absolutely a large number of heroes, those who make person impression the deepest is period of Doinb effectiveness JDG, a nucleus plays fan Mom, hit the output that allows a person to want to be less than, this huge eased the pressure of AD, let LWX have the bottom gas of bold output and the space that reap.

In addition, of Doinb deep and the one big characteristic that the heroic pool of strange flower is this player, the summer is surpassed FPX had 6 small competitions now, doinb drew out 5 heroes, everything needed is ready of rabbi, assassin, soldier, auxiliary, tank, and before Doinb Tai Tan paragraph the data that time made 8-1-3, still be pushed to be used by heroic alliance official compare with Rookie, speak the Tai Tan of Rookie.

Be worth what carry is, in the week of week of just a little that just gives heat in optimal player, doinb is depending on data of 3 ranks first, 5 the filling knife difference of 15 minutes of 25.5KDA value, 34 knives, sheet are killed obtained week is optimal in odd honor.

Respecting spring surpasses progress the fastest player blame is small days to not be belonged to, from record of a record anonymous young general surpasses convention to surpass optimal battle array to selected spring, tian one piece face Ning, Karsa this kind of world top class dozen wild also a bit not fear, the aggression of early days insanity makes a way when cooperating Doinb, can give opponent greatly pressure. Summertime game is being hit nowadays wild locally, the cent of Tian all hurts the position that comes to the 2nd, reached the particular numerical value of 310, and cent all economy is as high as 380, the row calls tough position the first, contrapuntal economy is banner also achieved 1875, also mirrorred instead on data the force of wild area suppress with feral Tian.

The deepest impression that Gimgoon leaves to the audience should be comprehensive, going up sheet can assume the fixed position that has all sorts of differring locally, later period Boss for instance captain, bloodsucker, for instance wave comparing, be stranded adds tank special, or before medium-term crocodile, Dao Mei has good performance in Gimgoon hand, odd is the key that a team makes a law abound in the round on, be the existence because of Gimgoon, FPX can select the open system in perhaps be being hit around next roads at will.

Join in in Doinb before FPX, the first impression that

mentions LWX major audience is to dare be hit also dare die, round battle reaps ability to make the move of wirewalking extremely by force via regular meeting, succeeding is day of beautiful error is not to have a head to send, but after Doinb joins in, this kind of circumstance disappeared almost, because,be on one hand top class in only output capacity, let LWX body upward pressure be reduced substantially, reap space and output space more advantageous also, be in on the other hand FPX is powerful in below wild rhythm, LWX is spreading out the suppress of unbridled to line phase, obtain equipment to precede thereby, build the base that round battle is reaped and outputs.

Summertime game begin arrives now, the contrapuntal economy of LWX is banner reached the numerical value of 5049, be next to Smlz, at the same time all pressed a knife to also achieve 81 knives.

And, in the match yesterday, LWX two matches, a 41% harm occupy compared wheel Mom a 47% harm occupy compared Ka Sha, hit the competition ground of regnant level to behave, behead is obtained 4 kill and issue two MVP repeatedly, even Doinb personally small gain hits Call.

In Super Carry Doinb prop up below, FPX blossoms at each o'clock in succession, the conduct competence of profit from Doinb, no matter whole team is surpass in spring, still be now summertime game, giving a person the deepest impression is hit special whole, won't appear very the circumstance that come loose. And all FPX team member had not entered global total final nowadays, to them, quota of people of global total final is inviting all the more.

(civil / Zhang Xujie)

Original title: Refus is become bogus powerful group! FPX summer competition is strong a bureau besides Doinb he also is hero responsibility editor: Li Xiaoling

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