Integral of contest of group of women football world cup is not ideal south Africa must be beaten to take 3 minutes below regulation giving a clue

Beijing time on June 12 23:00, the Chinese women football that playing world cup of French women football will hold the press conference before the group surpasses the 2nd contest.

One ball regret loses first race Germany, because be the same as the Spanish 3-1 of the group to beat south Africa, so Chinese women football gives line condition is not special ideal. According to the regulation giving a clue of world cup of current women football, before two of 6 groups

add the group with on 4 best achievement the 3rd will enter 16 strong, in group of seat of Chinese women football, german world is ranked the 2nd, spain is ranked the 12nd, china is ranked the 15th, and south Africa is ranked the 48th, so Chinese team beats south Africa to take below 3 minutes is the end that must want to finish.

The group circumstance that at present Chinese women football is in is: Spain accumulates 3 minutes, germany accumulates 3 minutes, support gets the better of group of tabernacle of ball advantage Spain completely the first, and the China that suffers a defeat likewise and south Africa accumulate 0 minutes, because south Africa is hit into one ball, but also throw 3 balls, get the better of a ball to be completely - 2, so group of tabernacle of Chinese women football the 3rd, south Africa rank pays a copy. Issue round of China women football to be opposite a south Africa women football, spain and German engage in a battle, hope in get victory of German women football bigger premise falls, if Chinese women football wants to strive for the chance that gives a clue, be about to be in the 2nd wheel pair blast when south Africa women football must get victory, a better group rank can be obtained to strive for a line before ability makes su

re in last rounds of group contest begins.

Original title: 23:00 video living broadcast: Responsibility of the press conference before Chinese women football surpasses edits: Li Xiaoling

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