Qatar of conquer of France of football match of cup of earthy human relations team of Guatemala of team Brazil beat easily

Nie of Ou Ba of France of Xinhua News Agency football match of cup of the 47th earth human relations had report 2 days on June 2 two matches of B group, amphitryon France team expedites 18 years old of the following national youth groups to give fight, with 2: 0 beat Qatar state abstruse team, brazilian team criterion with 4: Team of Guatemala of 0 beat easily.

As a result of the earth this year human relations cup and date of tounament of youth of 20 years old of the following worlds conflict, the player that French team expedites is younger than Qatar team 4 ages paragraph, but Amphitryon is comprehensive still and crushing adversary, rate controlling a ball is amounted to 57% , full-court has shoot 16 times, and frequency of Qatar team shoot has 6 times only. French young general is far also on the frequency that pass a ball and exact ratio outclass adversary.

Qatar team begin takes actor for a time, the hope breaks

deadlock through fast aggression, gained very good opportunity twice continuously, it is Ailelumaixi first in shooting the ball French team door to will be conceived, yi Sa punishs teammate the corner kick that go out to shoot subsequently slant.

French young general finds a sense gradually, make menace before Qatar door ceaselessly, after hitting doorpost, precede in the 41st minute eventually, full back dagger of 17 years old amounts to Er to receive teammate to pull Punuoyier to pass ball shoot before the door, qatar team gate is entered continuously after the ball rebounds.

Offensive of team of France of the second half is ceaseless, shoot hits Dawuyi crossbeam is played piece, the 90th minute, french team gains an opportunity that order a ball, effectiveness thises at graph Lu the Dawuyi of the team advocate punish hit the target, 2: 0.

The match of Brazilian team and Guatemala team is without be concerned about, begin only 23 minutes, brazilian team with 2: 0 banner, before end of a show 5 minutes, they advance two balls repeatedly, score the lock is in surely 4: 0.

Abstruse team will be in the Chinese nation that handsome Xidingke leads Holand name 3 days to appear formally, in first match in C group with Irish team engage in a battle, this match will be held partly at 3 o'clock afternoon (Beijing time in the evening at 9 o'clock half) . Later, mexican team will have a competition of C group with Bahrain team. (r

eporter prince river)

Original title: Cup of earthy human relations: Differ 4 ages paragraph France with Qatar of small wrestle big victory group liability edits: Li Xiaoling

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