Glyn is opposite reincarnate all-round soldier obtains a trailblazer judge the player with the stablest Trojan

Inside team of Trojan of the champion that defend crown, delamengdegelin is the player that has controversy most undoubtedly, no matter be the bad start of pair of adversary core players, still be as special as teammate Du Lan conflict, let him do not suffer over media and other team fan wait for see. But undeniable, glyn is this Trojan is attacked prevent the the most comprehensive, stablest player.

Occasionally, the effect that the player produces on field, data can be not reflected completely, glyn

is the typical delegate of this kind of player. The death in Trojan in system of 5 small tactics, what Glyn acts is 5, greater part time-sharing awaits him to want to be in charge of staring at prevent more lofty, strong center, aggression end is even constant with the library in, Thompson, Du Lan is finished especially block tear open, send a secondary attack in time perhaps.

This sports season convention surpasses case forestry centre all 6.9 7.3 7.4 cent, backboard, secondary attack, grab 1.4 times, cover a cap 1.1 times; Today's match leaves before hitting, the competition ground after Gelinji all 7.7 9.4 12.8 cent, backboard, secondary attack, grab 1.1 times, cover a cap 1.7 times. Because spray brother condition rises and fall, Du Lan is short of especially blast, although Glyn notchs not much, but always can be in the moment of truth of crucial game, use strong defend help team stabilizes condition, through essence of life clever secondary attack helps team exceed score instead.

Field of guest of this service a brave and strong man is opposite a trailblazer, adversary is the whole people almost all arms, banner advantage of 13 minutes is gained in first half. Only part sends the 3rd Glyn 6 6 4 cent, backboard, secondary attack, grab 2 times, do sewing work in his below, trojan was used only be less than to exceed successfully instead, also did not surrender lead dominant position again.

Full-court 12 13 20 cent, backboard, secondary attack, grab 4 times, cover a cap 1 times, glyn changes body all-round soldier, career is surpassed the 7th times after chopping next individual season 3 pairs, this sports season is successive at the same time 3 set match has 3 pairs of enter an item in an account. Profit from the fervent play of the near future in steady performance of Glyn and library, trojan total score already 3 than 0 banner trailblazer.

On NBA history, still can be in without a team 0 fall to break up finally than 3 backward circumstances dish, before this 135 times series is surpassed, backward one party all is washed out finally. This is meant, troja

n already total final of stride of a foot, hopeful of the champion that defend crown is successive over the arena that 5 sports season stand in total final. (reporter Xu Bangyin)

Original title: Is all-pervasive case Lin Cai true ham? Responsibility of total final of stride of a foot edits the champion that defend crown: Li Xiaoling

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