Rome surpasses Wo Ci to retreat Saikelinsi to promote Sa Balun blocks slimy ground 3 be defeated repeatedly

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ocal time on May 14, international of Italy of BNL of 2019 sports season surpasses proceed female thin first-run dispute. Wociniyaji is in 11 seeds with 6-7 (5) desertion first dishes la

ter because left crus gets hurt,announce to quit game, recommend promotion of American player Collins.

This is Danish successive the 2nd quits game because of the injury, she is in Madrid station is first-run last week be opposite a match inside the division is medium because carry an injury on the back,fail to hold to finally.

Collins is entered two years continuously second annulus, the world before will be being mixed next the first Muguluza lies between a net opposite, latter beat Chinese player Zheng Sai to surpass yesterday.

Original title: Roman Sai Woci is successive because two stations hurt the Sa Balun that quit game to block slimy ground 3 defeat responsibility to edit repeatedly: Li Xiaoling

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