Wang Zhelin basks in with Chen Lin firm youth closes to speak according to the netizen: The love story of Fuzhou

Yesterday 54 youth day, wang Zhelin of center of Fujian male basket updates small gain, bask in friend of the become reconciled when oneself is 14 out years old the group photo of old Lin Jian. The netizen speaks this is a paragraph of love story that comes from Fuzhou.

I that year am 14 years old, junior about, think the move is sharp tall grown render service to repay kindness the motherland. Do you return the dream that remembers are you at first? Choose to be stood by to the dream, not small talk abandons, hammer and tongs, meet a challenge! Wang Zhelin is on small gain say, at the s

ame time he still uploaded a piece of photograph with old Lin Jian.

In the photograph, two teenage

rs are held in the arms together, look at special emaciated. Know in my bosom small black who be? Wang Zhelin still does not forget to speak. Why I in those days such brilliant and handsome! Firm reply says Chen Lin.

A paragraph of green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, love story that comes from Fuzhou! Many netizens speak.

Wang Zhelin wins this sports season mainland notchs king and backboard king, old Lin Jian obtains mainland 3 minutes king, 2 people lead the game after the team kills season, achieve the result of the 7th finally. .

Original title: Is Wang Zhelin basked in does with Chen Lin firm youth close according to netizen: ? Responsibility of comfortable? of lintel of  of V You road edits: Li Xiaoling

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