Track and field inferior contention of bright and beautiful contest continues rice of Chinese man 4x100 appeared however accident

Beijing time today before dawn, track and field inferior contention of bright and beautiful contest continues. Team of China of day of the 3rd race is maintaining day to enter the rhythm of two gold as before. Li Ling of player of woman pole vault and team of relay of woman 4x100 rice do not lose popular confidence, gain the championship with huge advantage respectively. Nevertheless the rice of 4x100 of grand opera man of day of the 3rd race appeared however accident, the first China line that has developed score is sentenced to foul cancel result, without predestined relationship gold.

Nevertheless such small episode lets a person however more expect they are in next world bright and beautiful surpasses world relay tounament and track and field on, can have what kind of show.

This gold of woman pole vault, it is early in the plan of Chinese team. Li Ling ever expressed before go out for a battle, the meeting in the match maintains the position first, if weather and body state are appropriate, still can pound by herself retentive Asia record. The meaning below character, gold of this pole vault has been the content in bursa almost.

The fact also is such, chinese team is in the regnant position on project of woman pole vault is unmanned and movable. Can prove: Li Ling of two China player and Xu benefit musical instrument come on stage when the match, other player had completed the race entirely. Final, li Ling is without the results champion of be concerned about by right of 4 meters of achievement of 61, hop of Xu benefit musical instrument 4 meters 36, harvest a silver medal.

And the 3rd day the match that pressing nature of axial big play is project of relay of rice of 4x100 of male and female. Before match of these two projects, the African nationalization player of Bahrain team in the woman 3000 meters of obstacles run Xu Shuangshuang of athlete of China of the win by a narrow margin in the match, let Bahrain team keep abreast of with Chinese delegacy as before on gold a list of names posted up.

In final of relay of woman 4x100 rice, liang Xiaojing, Wei Yongli, Kong Lingwei and the Chinese group that Ge Man chess forms, with 42 seconds 87 obtain woman 4x100 Mi Guanjun, this one achievement created new sports m

eet record, also be current this year the world best result till.

Female team is won be without be concerned about, but male team here gave poor head. Final of relay of man 4x100 rice, chinese team expedites Wu Zhijiang, thank shake course of study, liang Jin is born and the new combination south river go smoothly gives fight. The course of study thanking shake that appears in 100 meters of competition ground first by right of this sports season is in the outstanding play of the 2nd club, chinese team with 38 seconds 88 had developed score the first times.

After nevertheless the match ends, the judgment maintains Chinese team to foul in the step on the line in the match, was cancelled achievement. The 2nd Thailand team fill vacancies in the proper order that has developed score wins gold.

such, chinese team originally 3 gold go two gold. And Bahrain team is in final that day two matches project, relay of rice of mixture 4x400 of male and female and woman harvest gold continuously in 10000 meters of final, exceed instead in the implementation on gold a list of names posted up thereby.

Be not accidentally actually not acceptability. Above all this match achievement not with the world link up with of quota of people of bright and beautiful contest, at the same time Chinese man relay is in the training that go for some time and does not have a system, su Bingtian drills with surpassing era, centre of gravity is put in concussion Asia on 100 meters of records, and course of study thanking shake is restoring all the time in, coordinating an issue is team of Chinese man relay is the afraidest all the time.

And as day of the 2nd race Xu Zhou politics is in match of 100 meters of semifinal gets hurt mediumly, what team of relay of the China in finals uses is a brand-new combination, and after very large possibility won't reuse, spoken parts in an opera is temporarily medley the battle array that rise. Occurrence accident is no wonder also.

Instead is temporarily the excellent performance of the battle array, the match that butt joint letting a person comes down arose not small expect. Wu Zhijiang is Chinese man below the circumstance that Su Bingtian is short of battle 100 meters spell a medal, and the 10 seconds that he runs in finals 18, also let him become Chinese man 100 meters active service the 3rd broke through 10 seconds the 20 athletes that close greatly.

The performance of trade thanking shake in finals also can says strong. Plus Zhang Peimeng child Jiang Hengna shows the potential that give in the match, the team of Chinese man relay after letting a person be returned to to Su Bingtian was full of an imagination.

Actually, female team has the room of promotion likewise. From the point of leg, team of Chinese woman relay actually some are in an unfavorable situation. Liang Xiaojing and Wei Yongli give fight 100 meters of final separate woman of before one day obtain silver-colored, copper, chinese team also is a woman the has final of body of ascend of two team member exclusively team in 100 meters of projects.

In the meantime, chess of the 4th marvellous Ge Man just was finished with group first achievement before relay match woman the match of 200 meters of semifinal, this is having an effect to the athlete's physical ability, by this token, just created sports season the team of Chinese woman relay of optimal achievement still has very large ascendant space, be said like Wei Yongli: Chinese woman dash can bring more and more good newses for everybody.

The match of relay of dash of more than men and women, chin

ese team undertook the whole thing there also is small error in match of woman pole vault.

It is OK that I am behaved so that return actually today, but an error appeared at the back of me. Because I am today when trial jump, I choose leather muscle height is 4 meters 80, fluctuation extent is controlled in 7 class, the feeling when my trial jump has confidence to be able to jump today the height of 70 above. But in concussion 4 meters 71 when, the gum that I use was used a lot of times, a bit thick, but I did not change adhesive plaster in time, a oneself small error is brought about push a hand to was not rolled out, so I am taking him hand.

Fail to break the Asian record that oneself create, li Ling accepts the respecting of some lose when interviewing after contest the error among the match. She says, if these detail had been handled, she can pound 4 meters of height of 71 certainly.

But although this night is accident,frequency is sent, fortunately final result does not go back on his word. World bright and beautiful surpasses the track and field that this also lets person butt joint come down even the Tokyo Olympic Games of next year became much one expects.

Before crossing this, chinese group has played the game of day of the last race even. Be preceded by Bahrain team once more on gold a list of names posted up, but Chinese team still is had first machine. The 4th match is meridian, long jump of woman discus, man, man 110 meters of column, the men and women is the project that hopeful seizes gold 200 meters, after experiencing accident frequency of the 3rd day to send, chinese track team should also again exert is worn an interest, the climax is lifted in day of the last race, high-key receive an official. (Li He)

Original title: Chinese man relay is cancelled inferior episode of gold of bright and beautiful contest is ceaseless more bring expect responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling

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