Lin Shuhao is now after season of which team fierce dragon contest notchs 4 come on the stage only 3 minutes

[after season of which team fierce dragon is Lin Shuhao now does contest notch do 4 come on the stage only 3 minutes] is Lin Shuhao in now which team? Surpassed after Nba season 2019, lin Shuhao is in team of Toronto fierce dra


Beijing time on April 17, team of Toronto fierce dragon advocate meet Orlando head-on magic team. This field match, lin Shuhao got the chance that come on the stage in rubbish time eventually, finished oneself surpass a show after the season of fierce dragon career. He comes on stage hit 3 minutes, 1 cast 1 in, penalty shot 2 punish completely medium, contributed 4 minutes of 1 second secondary attack.

This sports season hurts Lin Shuhao to reappear more. In sports season at the beginning of, lin Shuhao was hit in Atlanta eagle team not common expression. But to Lin Shuhao, in a competition ability stronger team just can produce oneself value apparently. He was reached finally with eagle buy outright an agreement, the choice joins in Toronto of despot of the eastpart part is fierce dragon.

Lin Shuhao joins in fierce dragon team at the beginning of, the benefit of Fan Fu of the 6th person of comfortable Feng Menglong is short of because of the injury especially blast, so he obtained put sb in a very important position immediately. In that paragraph of time, of Lin Shuhao come on the stage time stability is controlled in 20 minutes. Nevertheless, he did not find sense of shoot a basket from beginning to end, expression struggles very. After Fanfulite reappears, of Lin Shuhao come on the stage time is compressed considerably, gradually drop out groovy rotate battle array. A battle is surpassed after season, lin Shuhao fails to get any come on the stage t


Today this match, fierce dragon team drew first lesson that suffer a defeat, from the suppress that holds pair of magic lines at the beginning, built the tremendous and lead dominant position of 30+ early finally. The bell ends before 3 minutes in the match, fierce dragon team still is preceding 31 minutes, even if is magic team again extraordinarily brave also is art of the lack that wind a day. Fierce dragon bishop drills this ability puts a person's mind to let brunt player end rest, and Lin Shuhao also gets call eventually, greeted oneself to give birth to the Sai Shouxiu after the season of limit in fierce dragon.

After coming on stage, lin Shuhao shows the state that come out still is very pretty good. 2 minutes of 04 seconds, his production adversary fouls, firm two punish completely medium. Before the match ends 1 minute of 33 seconds, teammate of Lin Shuhao have the aid of is covering stop middle distance shoot a basket urgently to hit the target, this also is him this field match moves exclusively battle moves.

From the point of data, lin Shuhao is behaved still is very efficient, do not know him whether borrow this to move fierce dragon advocate handsome, in next time is striven for in the match.

Original title: Lin Shuhao surpasses a beautiful rubbish time to come on stage 3 minutes to take 4 cent responsibility to edit after fierce dragon season: Li Xiaoling

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