Fpx of 2019lpl spring contest is right time of living broadcast of Top match video + address introduction

Army contest is about to be in the sports season after sports season of spring of 2019 professions league matches on April 17 17:00 begin formally, this second match both sides is FPX Vs TOP is right definitely, what kind of wonderful show can this match both sides bring to us again? Small make up bring video of match of FPX Vs TOP for you.

2019LPL spring surpasses video of match of FPX Vs TOP

Toward heroic alliance official website reachs end of client of alliance of the hero on channel of each big collaboration media and palm, hero alliance to undertake direct seeding is watched before everybody is OK, video of short duration did not go up line, small make up update later.


ief introduction of FPX battle group

The interest adds electronic athletics club (FunPlusPhoenix) held water 2017, one of LPL allied members, it is the new student for

ce on LPL arena. The figure of bath fire phoenix of club Logo, representing fly towering, pursuit acme, never character is abandoned, the spirit that straight face challenges. The distinctive implied meaning with respective in thing square culture phoenix, also conveyed an interest to add link thing, multivariate and hand-in-hand distinctive glamour.

Brief introduction of TOP battle group

Club of TOP electron athletics held water in December 2017, ministry of divide into equal parts of branch of honor of the person that heroic alliance branch, king is had below the banner.

Subordinate heroic alliance branch began to attend heroic alliance match in December 2017, 2018 second place is acquired on contest of countrywide electron athletics, maxiya obtains 2018 that mind that hold in Xi'an subsequently on cup winter game runner-up.

Original title: Responsibility of address of direct seeding of FPX Vs TOP of the contest after 2019LPL spring surpasses sports season of spring of video of match of FPX Vs TOP edits: Li Xiaoling

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