The United States acclaims development of Chinese military strength

According to " wall street daily " report, local time on December 7, benefit of rice of mark of chairman of joint meeting of American chief of staff claims, china is developing military strength, aim to revise global regulation, demolish the national security frame after World War II.

Rice benefit claims, china is mixed to missile of naval, hypersonic speed, network the investment of other technology, aim to ensure oneself can become the state with banner whole world together with Russia and United States. He still says, chinese rise mixes terminative Russia this times that the United States is the only superpower after World War II.

Rice advantage says: We are entering a more complex on strategy of ground predestined relationship world, a technology was not seeing the world that speed develops with history place. So it wants complex much, likely flabbier calm. He still says, although the United States is current banner on the military affairs at China, but the problem that looks into future, the United States must realize modern ability to hold lead position.

Besides China, russia also is rice benefit one of national security topics of the refer in speaking. In tight situation aggravate during, he is in alleged Russia army Russia the deploy described as near black border land is quite serious, weigh Russian army build up this what will see April with the United States on dimensions and limits is different.

Rice benefit still spoke of the problem that American is dropping to the U.S. Army's confidence, some earlier this month moment, a findings report that Luonadeligenjijinhui and institute issue reached this conclusion. In addition, he still spoke of the ass

ault and battery that he undergoes inside lieutenancy, and to American public more and more think U.S. Army already the view that politics changes. Rice advantage says: Look in me, the place that becomes dangerous is, begin to tear off when people (the United States is legionary) this country orgnaization. This may become dangerous. Army is crucial to g

uarding this republic.

Le Yucheng of undersecretary of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs ever expressed before this: With respect to actual strength character, the United States still is the whole world ranks first big country, powerful nation, in quite long inside be surmounted hard. But actual strength is again strong, national bully declines surely, hegemonic be unpopular. If still which country is thinking,want continuance hegemony today, order the world, optional interference exotic nation is municipal, be destined to be able to fail. In addition, for big to country, the be on the wane of the thought is more dangerous than the be on the wane of actual strength. In times of 21 centuries much polarization, globalization, still cannot want to break up from cold war kit look for a tool, considering every day how keep within limits his country, pull small circle of people, do group antagonism, press jungly law handle matters. These are sending out the stale ideology of mildew flavour won'ts do for certain in current world, can bite off own head only, will be abandoned by times place eventually.

Original title: U.S. Army high level is acclaimed " Chinese menace is talked " , claim development of Chinese military strength aims to revise editor of international regulation responsibility: Ceng Shaolin

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