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Because an American senator of Puerto Rico of the greatest feudal caribbean sea uses program of IPhone mobile phone to upload indelicate photograph abdication, become the United States inside two half moon another the name because " colo

urful according to the door " nonofficeholding politician.

This assemblyman is called Luobaituoalangge, fasten moustache of emperor of Puerto Rico capital to bring the republic party representative of city. Early before local media print gives A Langge many pieces of indelicate photographs, among them a piece he uses face of mobile phone block bare the upper part of the body, another piece is the rear and local photograph with bare whole body, show he ever uploaded these photographs to same sex of an IPhone mobile phone to make friendly program.

Kick by media after exploding, a Langge admits to also be not denied to reporting both neither, say oneself are reducing weight all the time only, ever patt

ed oneself with the mobile phone during examine effect reducing weight, but do not remember taking these indelicate pictures, do not cross him 28 days to hand over abdication formally to believe to Puerto Rico senate.

This is the United States inside two half moon the 2nd because of " colourful take the door " nonofficeholding politician. This year in June, before representative of the Democratic Party of new York city Wiener is exposed to the sun to use gregarious website to push special (Twitter) is sent to many females indelicate take a picture oneself, at first Wiener firm the account that weighs oneself " by black " , but admit to ever had sent these pictures to digital female later, be in finally the middle ten days of a month will announce to resign in June representative duty.

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Jing Sheng of NHK chairman Hu 's person met what take office as a press conference to go up with respect to its to comfort in Japan on January 31 how does formal apology make a speech related Fu. This speech causes day of domestic and international public opinion and the severity with in-house NHK to censure, cause professional crisis.

On January 25, jing Sheng of NHK chairman Hu 's person is in take office as express on the press conference, comfort the problem that install Fu " the mistake is below current moral intention " , but he claims however subsequently " the which state that has had a battle ever had associate army to comfort install Fu " , listed the name of France, Germany, return rhetorical question to say " why Holand still has red-light district now " .

Hu well next will " gun muzzle " aimed Korea, say " Korea says so that seem to have Japan only once impress comforts install Fu, want to grab money, claim for compensation namely actually. But this has been passed entirely " day Han treaty " solved, why bring up again of even old job " .

NHK is by Japan general affairs is saved administer broadcasting television orgnaization, full name is " association of Japanese send out " . Be Hu well of 70 years old to get the better of a person is information system tycoon " Japanese Unisys " the special adviser of the company. Hold the post of chairman newly at will be being nominated to be NHK December 20 last year, took office as formally January 25, lieutenancy 3 years. But there also is Japanese media exposure before this, Hu well is Japanese premier An Beijin actually person selected of 3 appointed a chairman.

This speech causes a mighty uproar of the public opinion inside Japan. Japan is the biggest grown Zhang Hong was in a secretary in charge of sth of opposition the Democratic Party on January 26 Tokyo expresses, this speech is impertinent, have deflection sex. This person does not have ego understanding to becoming the chairman of the NHK that has quite large force, express to will go up to investigate duty to its in congress.

Not only such, to comforting in always the problem that install Fu holds the Korea of severe manner, the speech that also gets the better of a person to well of NHK chairman Hu offerred intense criticism. Each party combined Korea the government and the public in succession on January 27 install the historical understanding of times government to make strong condemnation, each editorial of big paper also tries to this assail.

Connected NHK interior to also offer criticism to this speech. On January 28, NHK manages a chairman bank one man is managing Tian Jian the warning on committee says " must say, with respect to existence a variety of eristic problems state individual point of view, this is look down on the footing that regards Japan as a party to an undertaking of compose of communal extensive electric machinery " , the requirement tries to redeem reliance.

Below the criticism that falls aside, Hu well gets the better of a person 31 days to be on Japanese congress, comfort the problem that install Fu accepted ask for an explanation. Hu well gets the better of person " the regret tha

t the misunderstanding that I bring to giving authority and trouble express from the bottom of one's heart. I am very unaccustomed still to my identity. " he still expresses to will continue to hold the position of NHK chairman, "Will fulfil obligation henceforth, abide by the principle such as impartial, fair justice and free spee
ch as always to undertake broadcasting " .

Hu Jing Sheng's person theres is no lack of on 25 days of press conferences breathtaking language, still with respect to NHK in the future report policy says: "About the domanial problem of Diaoyu Island and Zhu Dao, advocate Japanese footing is of course clearly " . This character was conveyed will allude in the international channel that faces a foreigner domanial problem serves as first job.

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100 thousand bat heat up Australia dead to hang the ground on the tree to go up in succession [graph]

 Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian 2014 blessing cloth this does American plute a list of names posted up give furnace lid Ci Chan is couplet head rich wear: of origin of 10 dollars watch? ?2014-10-02 10:2 of dazzle blade contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Take those who have money of 81.2 billion dollar (Bill Gates) continue to hold a title the 21st year continuously American head rich throne.

2014 Fubusimei country 400 plute a list of names posted up is fresh give heat.

Sit the Biergaici that has m

oney of 81.2 billion dollar (Bill Gates) continue to hold a title the 21st year continuously American head rich throne.

The issue came, what watch is what this philanthropist that force has most on the world wears? Network of American politics news (PolitiCo) express, oh, he uses value the watch of 10 U.S. dollors will see time.

10 U.S. dollors? About more than 60 yuan of RMBs? This asset swings a whole world to express father's younger brother the American head of countless streets is rich, wear so cheap watch actually?

So true confessional come from the network of American politics news on September 29 head period the experience of leaders is taught a lesson (Lessons From Leaders) column, and Biergaici is honored guest of engage by special arrangement of this period section purpose.

The Gates that compare Er and PolitiCo are stationed in Allan of Michael of chief correspondent of the White House (Mike Allen) when refer concerns the new science and technology of the health that can let people pass hand annulus or watch him monitoring, michael Allan asks Biergaici, are you this OK the watch of monitoring health?

Not, this is the watch of a 10 U.S. dollors. Biergaici replies.

PolitiCo comment says, forbes reckons its are clean asset the man of 81.2 billion dollar, answered the question with very interesting answer bravely.

PolitiCo still is written in the report, still have, this summer, biergaici is his madam 50 years old what birthday place prepares is a family go the acoustical vacation that Austria spends a music. He still admits, he wore leather pants to still sing a song. This also is the most interesting thing that Biergaici thinks to be done this summer.

In addition, biergaici still disclosed a few other and interesting detail, for instance Biergaici often plays tennis, what what he gives out is small stick person be, rise and when playing a ball game, best whole body sways is not brandish use an arm; Biergaici is for instance weekly " economics person " of word for word look thoroughly; Saw henry Kissinger than Er lid Ci for instance again (Henry Kissinger) new book " world order (World Order. ) " .

A when nevertheless Biergaici reads recently the most interesting books are " Luo

Qian: A new plan (The Rosie Project: A Novel) " , and he begins to read this book is when looking at a book because of his wife, laugh very aloud. Although,this book told about crackajack but the genetics professor of not good at socialization, the decision begins to seek other in part, be as long as through the questionnaire investigation of 6 pages will choose appropriate person selected, a few sot, smoke civilian perhaps loves eliminate the person that be late.

(Original title: The United States expresses father's younger brother to build Ci than Er: I have 81.2 billion, I wear 10 dollars watch)

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

 西安夜生活交流论坛Login register beautiful intermediary of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to say Wu Kelan sends army assault to kiss Russia to arm to unsuccessful army surrenders or pull out origin: ? ?2014-04-18 15:2 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Occupy American media 17 days to report, the close Russia that Wu Kelan aims to strike the eastpart part arms of the element " fear instead " the action suffers be defeated. Whole team in all 21 panzer or surrender, or backtrack. The report says, to base complementary for new government, this not less than is an extremely deep disgrace.

Close Russia armed element is in before building of administration of Si Luofu Yang Sike since vertical stroke after commando banner, a dweller chats with them.

In the town Si Luofu with occupational element be armedded by close Russia Yangsike, when the crowd gathers on march road, an armor column stopped advancement; In the crowd, male people is drinking beer, female people mocks abuse column officers and soldiers aloud. That day later on, the commander agrees to let a soldier give these disrupt elements that they are hit originally by the clique assault musket.

Another column that this the 25th Nie Bailuo those that belongs to elite troops seemingly gets stay away from home of parachuter of collect husband Sike not only capture gave a weapon, still along with the crawler panzer of travel also submissively is handed over, let the square of a center that armed element is here their park, inserting Russia ensign to be revealed as booty.

Next armed element of a close Russia is mounted among them driver seat, let panzer rotate automobile body, give out the banging song of brake sound and engine, let surround view crowd make merry.

The report points out, the incident that day dash forward showed base complementary the weakness of new government. The action of close Russia armed element grows in intensity, had diffused to restrain Lan Dong department to black at least nine city, and uncontrollable oneself military Wu Kelan's officers appear fainter and fainter keep within limits this kind of situation.

Army of Wu Kelan clean up made mistake of a tactics, did not expedite what can control the crowd that gathers on march road to fight in coordination force. Their need blow is jumbly the armed element in civilian, this task is very difficult to any conventional army, but clear pay unit lacks a tool already apparently, also execute this mission involuntarily, the fact proves, this is a job that finishs impossibly them to.

In addition, the report still points out, some what the soldier encounters is civilian not only, still civilian back dress does not have the armed element with mark green uniform, excellent equipment. These person equipment are excellent, carrying radio equipment and ammo bag. There still is a rocket to aid on some people shoulder push shrapnel emitter.

Wu Kelan faces a change sides in a war when tank army clean up. Army of surrendering Wu Kelan clean up gave the arme

d element that these dress subdue without label green his car, and some earlier moment photograph is compared, more barefaced nowadays ground began these armed members activity. The small town Si Luofu that makes an appointment with 120 miles in distance Russia border land Yangsike, armed element drives these car to central square, and park is over there publicly expose. Car upper part, russia ensign and ensign of republic of people of gram of Du Nie Ci are flying in gentle breeze.

Be in base complementary, wu Kelan department of defense denies these panzer at the beginning already by capture. Black army admits to already 6 panzer are controlled by close Russia element, but hand over musket be related to do not have any views to another column.

Why can very fathomless business grow someone else so serious condition. "We do not want to criticize our government, but apparent is, our problem is increasing, " base the gram says Demiteluo Taimuqiu of director of research center of complementary war politics, he once was an officer.

In Wukelan other place, close Russia armed element is occupied say occupational the city hall building that Duniecike thes prefecture where the provincial capital is located; And the a

dministrative building that they had controlled this area. In Du Nie Ci overcomes Ye of dimension of division of accept of raise of town of the eastpart part, armed element blocked administrative building. The department of defense says Wu Kelan, be in area of Lu Gan Sike, an officer and a soldier suffer staking.

Cite of Regnum of website of Russia news portal not the word of the polish diplomat of sign one's name says, the Yanukeweiji of post of the president that be unmade plans to head for area of Wu Kelan the eastpart part on the weekend originally. Yanukeweiji lives in Russia now.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored