Boston police evacuate buildings near Fenway Park due to hazmat incident

Baseball Boston's police and fire departments evacuated buildings near a crowded Fenway Park during Tuesday night's Blue Jays-Red Sox after hazardous materials were discovered in the area.Hazmat crews responded to Kilmarnock Street where police told Fox 25 Boston they found “a large amount of flammable liquids and acids in a building," according to The stadium itself was unaffected, but the Red Sox issued a four-part advisory on their official Twitter account warning people to stay away from the area afterward. MORE: Best Red Sox players of all time | Watch a catcher hit an inside-the-park homer City inspectors found the flammable liquids and acids in the basement of a building at 76 Kilmarnock St. The nature of the f

luids was not specified.Boston police told local television station WCVB they were utilizing emergency deployment teams in the area. No injuries have been reported.

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