The couplet in 5 Hong Kong does beautiful punish vice director Zhao Lijian: Really absurd, your person despises

On the press conference of routine of Ministry of Foreign Affairs December 21, have reporter query: On December 20, american the State Council, Ministry of finance anno

unces, do the couplet in 5 Hong Kong the vice director to include punish list according to law of Hong Kong autonomy. Is there just He Ping to talk to this in?

Spokesman Zhao Lijian expr

esses, law of autonomy of alleged Hong Kong of home of American government basis, announce to be stationed in harbor orgnaization to implement sanction about chief to Chinese administration, this violates law of nations and international relationship badly basic standard, the country is municipal in serious interference, dispute law is invalid. Just object stoutly to this in, condemn strongly.

Zhao Lijian expresses further, what need points out is, the United States just will borrow this year in July release commerce of alleged Hong Kong to warn, in announcing to be opposite 7 when include the couplet in 5 afore-mentioned Hong Kong to manage a vice director inside, honest officer undertakes punish. Root is occupied in " oppose foreign punish law " , square to the United States concerned personnel undertook reciprocity is made instead.

The United States just alternates now a head, because of law of autonomy of alleged Hong Kong, declare sanction again to afore-mentioned personnel, this I am not clear. This kind of act is really absurd, your person despises. Zhao Lijian says. [round-the-world times - round-the-world net reports reporter Wu Yuanchun]

Original title: The couplet in 5 Hong Kong does punish of cloth of beautiful Fang Xuan vice director, zhao Lijian: Really absurd, responsibility of despise making a person edits: Ceng Shaolin

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