Does the United States retire general: ? Bar  Mou impossibles beans Su?

Abroad net the American general Zhou Wu that report will retire 3 times on December 19

(17 days) the warning says, if the United States is in,general election hind produced coup purpose again 2024, the army that this state has divided may cause new civil war, in the staff that because participate in congress,rambunctious incident is accused, more than very one of the person has enlist in army record.

Integrated " daily Post " with Russia satellite news service 18 days of messages, ex-service American general Eton (Paul Eaton) , tower Cuba (Antonio Taguba) with Anderson (Steven Anderson) in " Washington Post " afore-mentioned views offerred in column. These generals are written, during be close to United States Congress to riot one year, all before the fatal disorder that official of advanced military affairs worries about the consequence of presidential general election and American army are in-house and potential 2024 more and more, it is serious and dangerous to will bring about all Americans to be in in. These generals observe, in the political atmosphere of this kind of polarization,

u.S. Army faithfulness breaks up, some people may comply with the command of legal commander in chief, and another some of person may comply with loser.

3 retire the general points out, the armed forces that congress disturbance incident makes clear us has appeared potential queasy evidence. These 3 retire the general notices, in joining the staff that rambunctious incident is accused, have more than very one of the person has enlist in army record, political difference may cause a group of people of same interest that legionary dissension opposes into two. They complement: Below this kind of circumstance, say martial crisis may bring about civil war to sound not strange.

In the meantime, the father Dali of fund of water of bridge of company of pairs of the whole world is the greatest strong fund abstruse (Ray Dalio) forecast, as a result of the political polarization on affection, 10 years the possibility of American civil war is future 30% . In addition, philosophy of university of city heart Paul teachs Illinois Chicago Hill (Jason Hill) ever also will express November, the United States is in culture war condition, may upgrade for civil war. (abroad net Hou Xingchuan)

Original title: The United States retires to declare the soldiers and police the United States or serious defect civil war: Army in already had edition of responsibility of potential and queasy evidence: Ceng Shaolin

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