U.N. lengthens blow in Somalia pirate accredit square clarify one's stand

U.N. Security Council passes the 2608th resolution consistently on December 3, hit each country and area organization and Somalia government collaboration Somalia coastal pirate and maritime arm the relevant accredit that robs behavior, extend 3 months again.

When China is stationed in Somalia ambassador Fei Shengchao to accept reporter of total stage of the broadcasting television central to interview 8 days afternoon local time, express, rebuild as Somalia peace gain headway, somalia government and people hope more assume a nati

ve and safe responsibility, include maritime safety and execute the law responsibility. Stem from the sovereignty that respects Somalia, independence and territorial integrity, fang Jian supports this to appeal to surely in beg. (Ma Peimin of total stage reporter)

Original title: U.N. lengthens blow respon

sibility of square clarify one's stand edits in Somalia pirate accredit: Ceng Shaolin

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