Join contend of hopeful of ex-premier of Korea of free Korea party to leave a president

Korea ex-premier Huang Jiaoan joins party of Korea of freedom of the greatest opposition 15 days. Observe the personage is conjectural, huangjiao brings may intended enter into rivalry this keeps a political party party head position, then attends 2022 presidential election.

A public opinion poll indicates the near future, issue a presidential vote in potential candidate, what Huang Jiaoan obtains supportive rate to be ranked in conservative a group of people of same interest the first.

[contend for party head]

Huang Jiaoan takes up the post of official of law Wu minister and state prime minister early or late in government of plain Jin benefit, because of Cui Shun incident of politics of get right on the job asked decline on November 2, 2016, because gold of new prime minister grasps,subsequently accurate nomination recalls and continue to assume office. The same year of plain Jin benefit will meet with in December impeach suspend sb from his duties,

As trusted follower doing politics door ferments, the new nation party that Piao Jinhui belongs to (predecessor is big country party) dissension is free Korea party and party, all attribute standpatter a group of people of same interest. At present, what presidential Wen Zaiyin belongs to collective the Democratic Party is congress the biggest party, and free Korea party is the greatest opposition.

Han couplet company reports, huang Jiaoan joins free Korea party 15 days this month, the suggestion attends of purpose party first selection will be lifted on Feburary 27.

Analyst of a few politics says, free Korea party is in disastrous defeat will encounter in local election last year in June, need rally, many politician may contend for party head one duty, the Dang Shouhong before including is accurate bail, before first Er mayor Wu Shixun, before Qing Shangna path knows thing Jin Taigao and Huang Jiaoan.

Additional, huang Jiaoan is one of person that play the potential enter into rivalry of a presidential election. The month on true gage releases orgnaization of Korea civilian attune 4 days investigation, show 2022 presidential election is potential in candidate, be in office the situation that the ex-premier Huang Jiaoan of the Li Luoyuan of state prime minister of a group of people of same interest and a group of people of same interest of be out of office forms two wild phase to contend for, part with 15.1% before with the popular wishes of 12.9% support leads a rank two.

In that civilian attune, name of its back row is ordinal it is an Er mayor Piao Yuanchun, 8.7% ; Path thing capital city and its environs knows thing Li Zaiming, 7.0% ; of photograph of Shenyang of assemblyman of just party party membership, 7.0% ; Qing Shangna path knows thing gold to celebrate Zhu, 6.9% ; Wu Shixun, 6.9% ; Hong Zhunbiao, 5.9% .

[refute doubt]

After Huang Jiaoan joins the message of free Korea party to come out, be in office the party is collective the Democratic Party and many opposition expression are malcontent.

Member of a collective the Democratic Party is in say on the conference within the party, huang Jiaoan has successively held the posts of official of law Wu minister and premier, it is one of crucial figures of government of plain Jin be

nefit, to Piao Jinhui consequently political scandal has bigger responsibility. Nowadays, he did not make an apology, resemble political arena of the return like triumphant hero, your person cannot be accepted.

Face critical sound, huang Jiaoan refutes 15 days on press conference: Opinion of a few criticism thinks, always the service personnel that advanced government has worked cannot take off implication with the abominable ghost of with twisted roots and gnarled branches-complicated and difficult

to deal with. I do not agree with opinion of this kind of criticism. I think, should divisional what thing is done well, what thing err.

Piao Jinhui was immersed in a trusted follower to work 2016 politics scandal, met with in March 2017 impeach is nonofficeholding, become on Korea history first to meet with the president of impeach. She first instance was sentenced 24 years to imprison in April 2018 and punish a 18 billion Han yuan (add up to 110 million yuan of RMB about) ; 2 careful will increase the same year on August 24 heavy term of imprisonment, be sentenced 25 years to imprison and punish a 20 billion Han yuan (120 million yuan of RMBs) . (Yang Shuyi) (Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only)

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