The U.S. Army lengthens time of be stationed of border land of Chinese ink is in the beauty to come once more this year on September 30

Washington of Xinhua News Agency on January 14 report (Xu Jianmei of reporter Sun Ding) American department of defense announces 14 days, the time of U.S. Army be stationed in border land of beautiful Chinese ink will lengthen deploy up to now year on September 30.

Evening hair statement said American department of defense that day, shanahan of minister of representative of department of defense already agreed to extend the time that safe to land ministry helps the department of defense, the department of defense is adjusting function, from consolidate border land port transforms executive shift monitoring, explore reach abatis is placed to wait between port.

By last year October, beautiful department of defense announces arms of group of Xiang Meimo frontier 5200 people assist border land to execute the law personnel answers tide of central america immigrant, keep within limits to enter a country illegally behavior. At the beginning of last year December, the base of a fruit of defense minister horse holds the post of when this approval extends time of U.S. Army be stationed to this year on January 31.

Law of according to United States, the U.S. Army must not participate in any executing the law activity. Official of the department of defense that occupy the United States introduces, border land garrison is assumed build the auxiliary action such as tent, roadblock to be offerred carry, the support such as medical treatment.

American president Telangpu expressed for many times a few days ago, american south border land already appeared behavior because of entering a country illegally humanitarian crisis, should borrow this to reiterate what border land builds to keep apart a wall on border land of Chinese ink is

in the beauty to appeal to beg. Congress the Democratic Party criticises the White House is exaggerated for many times border safety topological features, reject to allocate funds to build a wall stoutly.

The White House and the Democratic Party bring about both sides in acuteness of

the difference on border fence problem with respect to the United States federally the refuse to budge of problem allocating funds of partial orgnaization does not fall. From last year on December 22 before dawn, of about 1/4 federally because the orgnaization runs capital is extinct be immersed in come to a standstill, already lasted 24 days up to 14 days of come to a standstill, continue refresh history record.

Original title: The U.S. Army lengthens responsibility of time of be stationed of border land of Chinese ink is in the beauty to edit once more: Ceng Shaolin

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