"Yellow vest " protest police of the 9th week of France employs tear bomb and high-pressured squirt again

Local time Saturday (on January 12) , the person that wear the demonstrate of maize vest returns Paris and France the street of other city, a few demonstrate person the suppress that still suffers police tear bomb and high-pressured squirt, french government commitment is right violent 0 patient.

Now Russia (path of RT) 13 daily, the data of French Home Office shows, in Paris, Marseilles, Boerduo, Lyons, Sitelasibao and other city, more than 84 thousa

nd person attended to protest an activity.

The report says, include local support of the people to come from France the person of other area inside about 8000 demonstrate person, in this country capital area assembly. About 5000 riot police antagonism that deploy special equipment and panz

er discussed an activity to undertake monitoring, appear in order to prevent rough stuff.

Violent conflict is in finally the sweet a pavilion or house on a terrace of mark sex beautiful abandon ave and triumphant arch to erupt again, the police uses tear bomb and high-pressured squirt to appease indignant crowd. France executes the law personnel expresses, be in Paris only, 156 people are arrested during confront each other, among them most person is detained.

Outspread read: Mark dragon: France enters economy critical condition decreases duty raises to reject tycoon duty original title: "Yellow vest " protest enters the 9th week, french police employs tear bomb and editor of high-pressured squirt responsibility again: Leng Fangqi

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