40 years shift accelerated geomagnetic arctic in the past navigation model beard is newer

Because geomagnetic and arctic floating rate is exceeded,anticipate, world geomagnetic model on January 30 urgent update, in order to ensure the ship near discrepancy the Arctic circle, plane and submarine navigation are not had by accident.

Many person support compass discern direction. The position of geomagnetic arctic is in however slow shift. About 100 years ago, geomagnetic arctic is located in near Canadian northern coast, already moved nowadays to the Arctic Ocean in, moving to Russia Siberia direction. Xia Lan of researcher of institute of perambulate of geology of Reuter cite England does obeisance to the word of pleasant to report: It with about annual the rate of 50 kilometers is floating. Came 1900 shift is not much during 1980, quickened however in 40 years in the past many.

According to England of newest first phase " natural " weekly report, geomagnetic and arctic shif

t brings about world geomagnetism home too quickly to take unusual action, on urgent on January 30 Pleistocene model of bound terrestrial magnetism, because they realize, inaccuracy already exceeded navigation to be able to be accepted (safe) error limits. Report, geomagnetic arctic moves to be caused by the liquid state metal is unpredictable change in the earth.

This model is modern navigation system main component, the geographical location system from navigation ship locates to mobile phone tracker and map, all be a basis with this. This model is updated 5 every years, the period of efficacy of existing model arrives originally 2020, american army asks to be updated ahead of schedule, original plan is updated 15 days this month, suffer the United States after influence of come to a standstill is delayed, come federally this month 30 days.

Do obeisance to pleasant to say, geomagnetic and arctic the closest position is changed and won't video life is beyond the Arctic circle such as London of American new York, England or Chinese Beijing the people of the area uses a smart

phone. This is right in small latitudinal area is affected without materiality. Won't affect people to drive.

Compass of the buy inside many mobile phones, be a map or " demon Bao Kemeng " etc enhance way of real play demonstrate. Although be updated 5 years, the error of these compass still very tiny, it is in limit of world geomagnetic model. (Yuan Yuan) [Xinhua News Agency is small stalk of grain especially]

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