American general and Poland sponsor middle east conference to emphasize discussion Iran issue

American government announces 11 days, american general and Poland hold meeting of international of problem of a middle east jo

intly, emphasize discussion Iran is

sue. Gu Wade of Mohammed of Iranian Foreign Minister plunges into li of husband to offerred criticism to this that day.

American the State Council makes a statement say, conference of this minister class is in polish capital Warsaw to hold to 14 days on Feburary 13, the topic for discussion includes terroristic develop with ultraism, missile and the menace of nuclear proliferation, marine commerce and safety and procuratorial group to the area.

The admire of bitter fleabane of Michael of American Secretary of State that visitting in middle east abstruse when accepting American media 11 days to interview, say, at the appointed time will a few countries that come from and other places of Asia, Africa, Europe and area clique delegate attend the meeting.

Yacaikechaputuoweiji is in polish Foreign Minister say in a statement, more than 70 countries and area are invited to attend the meeting, include an European Union full member country.

Chaputuoweiji says, polish support European Union defends Iranian nucleus issue the effort of comprehensive agreement, hope this the conference can draw the position of close European Union and United States.

American government will announce to exit Yi nucleus agreement and restore pair of Yi punish in the round last year in May. The European Union tries to rescue agreement of this more than 1 boundaries, do his utmost to avoid to bring to bear on to Iran punish.

Za Lifu of Iranian Foreign Minister is pushed 11 days in gregarious media later on go up especially dispatch, criticize this conference that the United States just takes the lead. (Wang Hongbin) [Xinhua News Agency is small stalk of grain especially]

Original title: American general and Poland sponsor Iran of middle east conference to come back to put forward to criticize responsibility editor namely: Ceng Shaolin

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