Turkey police: Classics earth crossed European number to increase considerably secretly 2018

Istanbul of Xinhua News Agency on January 4 report (reporter Yi Aijun) the newest data that Turkey coast posse publishs 4 days shows, tried 2018 the illegal emigrant number that by Turkey maritime space crosses European mainland secretly increases considerably. Meanwhile, more and more Syria refugees also seek earthy churchyard to head for his country to find another way of living through illegal channel.

Data shows, the illegal immigrant that shared 26678 purposes to cross European mainland secretly last year is arrested in Turkey churchyard, add 4741 people than 2017. The person that choose Aegean route among them reachs 25398 people, someone else chooses the Black Sea and Mediterranean passageway.

Data shows, as a result of weather abominable, ship technology of pallet, jack-tar not a lot of element such as essence of life, the attends Europe stay away from home of these illegal immigrant is full of hardships and dangers, mutual 2018 include woman, children and baby inside boundless and indistinct sea of funer

al of about 96 human life.

As accept the nation with most refugee, turkey signed refugee canal to dominate a deliberation with the European Union in March 2016, wait for other commitment in order to exchange aid of European Union economy and reopen into alliance negotiation. In those days, turkey is in maritime intercept many 37 thousand illegal immigrant.

The Turkey scholar that studies refugee issue bends Duoanayi to say to reporter of Xinhua News Agency a

t Er, preventing illegal immigrant to leave to be not toward Europe before Turkey always is a likelihood. Because Turkey economic atmosphere is exasperate, increase to the animosity of the refugee socially, most refugee cannot see future in Turkey, try to escape through all sorts of ways this country.

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