Somalia compels U.N. ambassador-at-large leave a country to show its interference is municipal violate sovereignty

Somalia government points to 1 day recognize problem of U.N. secretary-general Somalia Gulasihaisemu interferes special delegate Buddhist nun municipal, compel his leave a country.

Somalia Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues statement, cognizance Haisemu violates Somalia sovereignty, announce he is undesirable person.

Haisemu takes office as problem of U.N. secretary-general Somalia before a few months special delegate. All alone just states 1 day, haisemu makes the act that violates U.N. to be stationed in Somalia agency to set avowedly, cannot have worked in this country.

U.N. respect alls alone without the response temporarily side argument. Haisemu makes a statement 1 day later on, say to be located in Somalia capital U.N. place where troops are stationed of Majiadisha is some earlier that day moment makes a surprise attack by trench mortar, 7 artille

ry shell fall be admitted to hospital inside, two U.N. personnel and an employee get hurt. He condemns this one incident strongly. Party of young person of Somalia extreme organization alleges make this have assault.

Somalia police will arrest Muhedaerlubu of the spokesman before the young party of previous surrender government last year in December. Haisemu sends safe ministry of letter Somalia country subsequently, the legal basis that asks latter explanation arrests Lu Bu and the civilian casualty that arrest a process to cause.

How will Somalia home announce to arrest Lu Bu on December 13 last year entirely, point to identify him to did not abandon

ultraism ideological, do obeisance to extreme personnel belt much A to Somalia south city. How does home allude at the same time entirely, the government prohibits Lu Bu enters local election, the reason is he did not complete surrender program.

The with him proponent when police captures Lu Bu produces conflict, at least 11 people die. Somalia southwest ministry will hold local leader election, lu Bu is one of main candidate.

Police has come rash cloth send under escort Majiadisha, lock up handle a prison in information orgnaization.

African alliance is stationed in group of Somalia specially appointed, U.N. and combination of a few countries to make a statement, arrest Lu Bu to expression is deeply concerned and object to Somalia government.

Lu Bu led layer happening controversy with young party 2013, in Suonabubakele city housekeep; He announced to break away from young party in August 2017 and to governmental surrender.

Base organizes young party correlation, launch horrible assault for many times in Somalia and its neighbour. (An Xiaomeng) (Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only)

Original title: Somalia compels U.N. ambassador-at-large leave a country to show its interference is municipal encroach dominion responsibility editor: Ceng Shaolin

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