Incident of European poisonous egg ferments: Austria imports egg product to show insecticide part

In report will report new net integratedly on August 15, incident of European poisonous egg ferments continuously, austria also confirmed recently, the fluorine bug nitrile that the discovery in the egg goods that imports from Germany, Holand, Belgium and Poland contains insecticide part. Nevertheless, austrian sanitation and food security bureau emphasize, the content of fluorine bug nitrile can't endanger health.

According to the report, austrian sanitation and food security bureau express, random spot check includes authorities 80 sample of bake food and mayonnaise, among them material of 18 kinds of chemistry that be contained by discovery. Nevertheless, the content of fluorine bug nitrile that detects in sample is negligible, do not have healthy risk.

This bureau makes a statement say: These products are wholesale food industry the egg product of nitrile of all the bug that contain fluorine will stand the egg goods that imports from Germany, Holand, Belgium and Poland at present wearing.

Austrian sanitation and food security bureau also say, very lucky, 3/4 sample confirms do not contain fluorine bug nitrile.

After poisonous egg scandal erupts at the beginning of this month, the European state that suffers an effect up to now has Belgian, Holand, Germany, France, Sweden, England, Austria, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, polish, Romania, Slovak

, Slovenian, Denmark and Switzerland, far even also suffer an effect in Asian Hong Kong.

After the accident, european each country develops work of deal with problems arising from an accident, know exactly about sth with 1 million plan the egg falls from the supermarket frame, tens of rasorial farm is shut. Euro

pean committee also will be in to sit a meeting will discuss the way to deal with a situation in September.

Belgium will inform an European Union on July 20, the food safety of this country superintends a branch to discover to insecticide part is contained in the egg, make safety of food of alliance of the first Xiang Ou the European state that cautionary system reports poisonous egg incident. Later, holand and Germany also express to discover poisonous egg.

Nevertheless, arrive all the time on August 1, poisonous egg incident ability exposure, cause conflict between Holand, Belgium and Germany. This week censures Belgium Holand is in early knew to the egg gets pollution in November 2016, did not notify other country in time however. To this, holand tries to deny.

As we have learned, fluorine bug nitrile can exterminate flea, mite and cootie, european Union regulation, fluorine bug nitrile must not be used at the birds cultivate in catenary of human food industry.

Although European Union firm say to be polluted the content of fluorine bug nitrile in the egg won't constitute menace to human body health, but World Health Organization labels it the chemical that noxiousness spends in having to the mankind, a large number of absorbing can cause function of liver function, kidney and thyroid function damage.

Original title: Poisonous egg incident ferments: Austria imports egg product to show editor of insecticide composition responsibility: Ceng Shaolin

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