Japan of Fujian preceptress Wei Qiujie breaks couplet latest news: Incident leaves group of 3 big mysteries

Login register Japan of Wei Qiujie of preceptress of Fujian of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to break couplet latest news: Does incident leave: of round origin of 3 big mysteries? Inclined?2017-08-15 09:2 of border of play broadleaf plant5 Http://www.mnw.cn/

Fujian preceptress Wei Qiujie breaks couplet in Japan already more than 20 days. On August 14, little brother Xiang Na of Wei Qiujie the reporter expresses, the father Wei Huaxian of the Wei Qiujie that the person finds toward Japan before, had gone back to the motherland recently. Japanese police expresses, will still undertake more meticulous search for. On August 14, wei Qiujie's little brother is right south the reporter expresses, the father that heads for Japan had gone back to the motherland recently, he on July 28 21 when the left and right sides arrives at Japanese Hokkaido new 1000 years old of airports, cooperate police investigation subsequently. On August 13, japanese media interviews hall of Japanese former policeman to ransack division expert, and the report of cite south Metropolis Daily, the group of 3 big mysteries that loses couplet to Wei Qiujie did careful analysis:

The mystery is round 1:

Leave to change skirt before Huang of thin pieces of wood used for writing on in ancient China, go seeing a person? On July 22, wei Qiujie leaves the Ocho hotel of Huang of thin pieces of wood used for writing on in ancient China. Can see from inside monitoring video, she is in 20, the pants below jacket is when going out two days 21 days, carrying the bag of black double shoulder of a recreational edition on the back. Only alone body of nowadays of 22 sunrise door changes growing skirt, and inclined those who crossed a red is women's packet. From the point of the movement, july 20, 21 days, she is to go out directly, it is alone only when 22 sunrise door, wei Qiujie arranged hairstyle and dress for many times to the mirror. The monitoring video presentation outside the hotel, after will going out that day on July 22, she drew out an IPad to choose song of a love in musical player. The finger movement according to searching song and the CD the title page of a thread-bound book that take partly, the professional personage of respect of a music concludes, the former vocal cords

that this is film of a love " only then song of ま り の " . Japanese Fuji TV station interviewed hall of Japanese former policeman to ransack family family is protected for a long time going, he changes skirt designedly according to Wei Qiujie outfit, go out arrange hairstyle, listening to love song to go out wait for act, conclude Wei Qiujie will not reply a public house on July 22 is to meet with a certain person, because wearing skirt impossibly,go in lap.

On July 20, 21 days, wei Qiujie wears pants, and long skirt is worn when will going out on July 22 alone only, still arrange hairstyle before the mirror. Before two days when she goes out, do not have similar move.

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