Result of Kenya general election did not give furnace opposition to ask to announce ex-premier wins victory

Kenya of East Africa country will hold presidential general election on August 8 local time, plan ballot outcome has not give heat, but this country already appeared rambunctious, cause 4 people death. The report will say French media on August 11, commission of Kenya independence election will announce on August 10 local time, will announce election result the earliest afternoon at 11 days. But opposition already was pressed be unable to bear, the requirement announces ex-premier Layilaaotingjia is gotten the better of anthology. International observer appeals each just exercise restraint.

Kenya holds presidential general election 8 days, share alliance of 8 political parties, political party and independent candidate to participate, currently hold the post ofpresidential Wu Hulu among them Kenyada and opposition leader and ex-premier Layilaaotingjia are the mainest competitor.

According to the report, when Kenya opposition holds meeting 10 days afternoon, opposition leader expresses in the speech, chairman of committee of election of requirement Kenya independence announces a result instantly, announce Aotingjia is elected as a president. Him Ao Tingjia is attendant also at that time.

Ao Tingjia ever expressed 9 days, election commission is released preliminary the practice of plan ballot outcome does not accord wit

h relevant provision, reject to admit plan ballot outcome, say system of ticket of general election plan ever inbreaked by the hacker. Election committee chairman covers with tiles the response weighs rich Laqiebukadi, plan ticket system is atttacked really by the hacker, but attack did not prevail. This orgnaization is polling more than times 40 thousand from the whole nation the dot reclaims the form that records data of true realization ticket and statistical pattern, the plan announces final result inside 5 days. He is affirmatory also publicize transparent investigation to atttacking behavior to spread out.

It is reported, afte

r Ao Tingjia speaks, the people that supports him is on street for this, produce conflict with police, 4 people die in antagonism.

Current, the preliminary count data that Kenya independence election and attrib border committee publish shows, seek agrees even what choose be reappointed consecutively elegant tower vote is banner. Allow time 10 days according to international mark 14:10, acquired voting result shows the electron of 98.42% , kenyada wins the vote of 54.24% , 44.88% of Ao Tingjia.

Qiebukadi expresses 10 days, predict ability can achieve final vote result midday 11 days, he hopes to be gotten the better of at the appointed time choose and be defeated choose each to just exercise restraint.

The report points out, death of 1000 much people is caused after causing large disturbance as a result of general election of the Kenya 10 years ago, 600 thousand person become destitute and homeless, this general election gets attention fully. Blame alliance, European Union, the British Commonwealth and blame government organization are this general election to expedite about 5000 observer. Everybody appeals defeat the person that choose can peace accepts a result. [round-the-world net reports reporter Wang Li orchid]

Original title: Result of Kenya general election did not give furnace opposition to ask to announce ex-premier triumph responsibility edits: Ceng Shaolin

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